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<font color=blue>You are buying a downloadable mp3.</font color> Shore The Fly 2008  The Fly - Howard Shore, composer  David Henry Hwang, Librettist  David Cronenberg, Director  Broadcast and Performance Date - September 7, 2008  Source - KUSC-HD Aircheck  256kbps   Los Angeles Opera - Placido Domingo, conductor  Cast  per LA Opera Website  -  Daniel Okulitch - Seth Brundle  Ruxandra Donose - Veronic Quaife  Gary Lehman - Stathis Borans  Beth Clayton - Medical Analyst /Cheevers  Jay Hunter Morris - Marky  Silvia Vasquez - Scientist #1  Nicolas Hartley - Scientist #2  Anna Jablonski - Scientist #3  Matthew
<font color=blue>You are buying a downloadable mp3.</font color> Shore The Fly 2008 Paris  Location  - Paris, Theatre du Chatelet Performance  - Wednesday 02 July 2008 Broadcast  - France Musique, Saturday 02 August 2008  Howard Shore  - The Fly  Daniel Okulitch  bass-barytone   - Seth Brundle Ruxandra Donose  mezzo   - Veronica Quaife David Curry  tenor   - Stathis Borans Beth Clayton  mezzo   - Female Officer / Cheevers / Lab Doctor Jay Hunter Morris  tenor   - Marky Lina Tetruashvili  soprano   - Tawny Sophie van de Woestyne  mezzo   - High Scientist Jean-Gabriel Saint-Martin  barytone   - High Scientis
<font color=blue>You are buying a downloadable mp3.</font color> Shore THE FLY 2008 Paris OKULITCH, DONOSE, CURRY, CLAYTON, MORRIS  Howard Shore THE FLY  Paris, Théâtre du Châtelet July 02, 2008  Seth Brundle  - Daniel Okulitch Veronica Quaife  - Ruxandra Donose Stathis Borans  - David Curry Female Officer  - Beth Clayton Cheevers  - Beth Clayton Lab Doctor  - Beth Clayton Marky  - Jay Hunter Morris Tawny  - Lina Tetruashvili 1. High Scientist  - Sophie van de Woestyne 2. High Scientist  - Jean-Gabriel Saint-Martin 3. High Scientist  - Louise Callinan 4. High Scientist  - Frederic Goncalves 5. High Scientist  - Luc Lalonde   Choeur de jeunes du CRR d'Aubervilliers-la-Courneuve Choeur du Théâtre du Châtelet Orchestre philharmonique de Ra
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USA Telephone (404) 200-4776 We sell only opera recordings. The recordings are sent to you in paper sleeves with no tray card or inserts, just the raw discs with printed labels. These recordings are of nonprofessional quality that are in the public domain. The quality of these old opera recordings is not very good and they are meant for collectors and educational purposes only. Most of them are 30 or 40 years old, so they might be blurry, colors faded, and not sound very good, but they might not be available elsewhere. Please note that most of our recordings do not have tracks, they have 1 long track per disc.