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<font color=blue>You are buying a downloadable mp3.</font color> Kodaly HARY JANOS 2007 Wien PERENCZ, NEMETH, GEÖTZ, FREULON, MASSAN  Zoltan Kodaly HARY JANOS  Wien, Konzerthaus May 28, 2007  Hary Janos  - Béla Perencz Örsze, his betrothed  - Judith Németh The Empress  - Judit Geötz Napoléon  - Eric Freulon Öreg Marci, Emperor's coachman  - Viktor Massanyi Maria Lujza, Napoléon's wife  - Ildiko Cserna Knight Ebelasztin  - ? Speakers  - Florentin Groll, Ulrike Beimpold  Kinderchor des Ungarischen Rundfunks Chor und Orchester des Ungarischen rundfunks Conductor  - Adam Fischer
<font color=blue>You are buying a downloadable mp3.</font color> Kodaly, Mendelssohn, Bruckner in Vredenburg, Utrecht  The Friday of Vredenburg - Kodaly, Mendelssohn, Bruckner  1. Kodály - Missa brevis 2. Mendelssohn - Koraalcantate 'Vom Himmel hoch' 3. Bruckner - Te Deum  Edith Haller, sopraan Martina Rüping, sopraan Elena Zhidkova, alt Christian Elsner, tenor Roderick Williams, bas -  Groot Omroepkoor Radio Filharmonisch Orkest Markus Stenz, dirigent  Live from Vredenburg Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht  December 14, 2012
<font color=blue>You are buying a downloadable mp3.</font color> Kodaly Hary Janos  Kodaly HARY JANOS  Rai Radio Tre, May 21 1955  Mono broadcast  Chorus and Orchestra of Rai Rome c. Ferenc Fricsay  Singing cast -  Hary Janos - Scipio Colombo   baritone  Lisa - Luisa Malagrida  soprano  Vecchio Marsi - Aurelio Oppicelli  baritone  Cavaliere Ebelastin - Vasco Petroff   tenor  Imperatrice - Beatrice Preziosa   soprano  Maria Luisa - Oralia Domingues   contralto
<font color=blue>You are buying a downloadable mp3.</font color> Kodaly Szekely Fono  Zoltán KODÁLY SZÉKELY FONÓ lyrisches Spiel in ein Akt Libretto - vom Komponist, nach Volksliedtexten Uraufführung - Budapest, Opernhaus, 24. April 1932 Gesamtaufnahme  Háziasszony ............ ......... .... KOMLÓSSY Erzsébet Kéröje ............ ......... ......... MELIS György Fiatal Legény ............ ......... .. SIMÁNDY József Szomszédasszony ............ ......... BARLAY Zsuzsa Fiatal Leány ............ ......... ... ANDOR Éva A nagyorrú Bolha ............ ........ PALCÓ Sándor  a magyar rádió és televízsió énekkara, a budapesti filharm
MP3 Download MP3-83846 Kodaly Budavari Te Deum Budapest 1987
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USA Telephone (404) 200-4776 We sell only opera recordings. The recordings are sent to you in paper sleeves with no tray card or inserts, just the raw discs with printed labels. These recordings are of nonprofessional quality that are in the public domain. The quality of these old opera recordings is not very good and they are meant for collectors and educational purposes only. Most of them are 30 or 40 years old, so they might be blurry, colors faded, and not sound very good, but they might not be available elsewhere. Please note that most of our recordings do not have tracks, they have 1 long track per disc.