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LP Recording A):Manos Hadjidakis LILACS OF THE DEAD LAND Year: 1962

1:The Song Of The Old Sailor 2:Stroll 3:The Child's Room 4:Andrew Zeppos 5:A Girl From Alexandria 6:The Hour Of Farewell 7:Persistence 8:Gentle Children 9:One Evening 10:The Old Street 11: At The Hatzikyriakio 12: When The Fires Are Lit Manos Hatzidakis was a Greek composer and theorist of Greek music. He was also one of the main proponents of the "Éntekhno" form of music. In 1960 he received an Academy Award for Best Original Song for his song...

Born: October 23, 1925, Xanthi, Greece Died: June 15, 1994, Athens, Greece Cause of death: Heart attack Children: George Theophanopoulos-Hatzidakis Parents: Georgios Hadjidakis, Aliki Arvanitidou Active from: 1960 Genre: Classical, Film Music, Film Score ========================================================================== ========================================================================== LP Recording Year: 196? Recored in Greece


1:Dancing In The Street (M. Plessas) 2:Kerssariani (S. Xarhakos) 3:Misunderstanding (M. Hadjidakis) 4:Put Another Dish On (S. Harhakos) 5:Syrtaki (G. Zambetas) 6:Night-Falls (M. Plessas) 7:Our First Night (M. Plessas) 8:My Watch, My Worry Beads (A. Panou) 9:It Rains (D. Moutsi) 10:Dance Of The Young Men (M. Plessas) 11:At Dust (G. Zambetas) 12:False Dreams (A. Kaldaras) ==================================================================== Mimis Plessas born October 12, 1924) is a Greek composer born in Athens. He began his career in 1952 and has written music for over 100 films, television and radio programs, and theatrical events. He has worked with such notable Greek singers as Giannis Poulopoulos, Marinella, Rena Koumioti and lyricist Lefteris Papadopoulos.

Prior to 1959 Plessas was a professor of chemistry at the Polytechnical in Athens. He received his PH.D. in a most interesting manner. He did it at Brown university by winning a piano competition. Much to the surprise of the judges, he asked for it to be in chemistry, not music.

By 1974 Plessas had composed over 2000 compositions, conducted many of the world's orchestras and worked with almost every major Greek singer, including Yiannis Poulopoulos and Nana Mouskouri. In 1974 he appeared at Carnegie Hall with Poulopoulos. Plessas also worked in the folk arena with Athan Karras. Plessas combined the traditions of entehno and laïkó with considerable success making a notable his own style. His composition work O Dromos in 1969 (The Street) still remains the work with the most sales in the history of the Greek discography.

In 2001 he was honored with the Gold Cross of the Order of the Phoenix.

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