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LP Recording - Year 196? Manos Hadjidakis (A): SOUS LE SOLEIL DE GRECE

1:La Lune Rousse 2:Promenade Nocturne 3:Eurydice 4:Le Parti 5:La Rue Des Rêves 6:La Mort Du Facteur 7:Les Enfants Du Pirée 8:La Montagne de L'amour 9:Monsieur Michel 10:La Procession 11:Quand S'allument Les étoiles 12:La Trahison 13:La Pierre LP Recording 196?

(B): George Zambetas The World's Greatest Bouzouki Artist

1:Departure 2:Allegro Bouzouki 3:What Have I Done To You 4:Fantasia 5::Welcome George 6:The Pupil 7:Mister Alekos 8:The Last Song 9:Like The Birds 10:I'll Sing For You 11:My Bouzouki And I 11:You Are Lost =============================================================================== Giorgos Zampetas (Pronounced 'Zabetas') sometimes romanized as George Zambetas / George Zabetas / Giorgos Zabetas; 25 January 1925 in Athens – 10 March 1992 in Athens) was a well-known bouzouki musician. His origins are from the island of Kythnos.

Early years:

Giorgos Zampetas, Greek music composer, singer and one of the greatest bouzouki artists of all time was born in Metaxourgio area of Athens, on 25 January 1925. His parents were Mihalis Zampetas, a barber, and Marika Moraiti, the niece of a well-known baritone of those years.

From a very young age, Zampetas showed a great interest in music: as he was helping his father in his barber shop, he secretly played his first melodies on a bouzouki. Anything that was producing sound seemed exciting to him and helped him in his compositions, as he said in his biography not long before he died. In 1932, as a seven year old first grader, he won his first prize, playing his first song in a school competition. At the young age of 13, Giorgos met one of the most famous figures in Greek music, and one of his idols, Vassilis Tsitsanis which played a fundamental role in his musical career.

During the German occupation of Greece, in times of poverty and misery, Zampetas founded his first band in 1942, after having moved to the Egaleo neighborhood of Athens, 2 years prior to that. Career

He was one of the most recognized Greek musicians of all times, working in the Greek cinema of those years with stars such as Aliki Vouyouklaki. He appeared in many Greek film productions, and his compositions used in many, one of the most famous being "Siko Horepse Sirtaki". He also worked with famous Greek composers, such as Manos Hadjidakis in 1959, and there after collaborated with various leading Greek musicians such as Theodorakis, Stavros Xarchakos and many others.

Later years:

Despite the struggles of the past decade, due to changes in music fashion, the 1990s brought about new records and releases by Zampetas. However, not too long after his brief revival, by 1992, he had reached not only the twilight of his career, but his life too. In early 1992, his health deteriorated and was diagnosed with bone cancer, which had already reached advanced stages. Prior to that, he had made one final appearance, before his eventual death. Death ============================================================================== Zampetas died at the age of 67, in the Sotiria Hospital of Athens. He was survived by family in Greece, as well as extended family members throughout the Greek diaspora.

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