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MP3-1550700 Rachmaninov Songs-Elisabeth Soderstrom

MP3-1550700 Rachmaninov Songs-Elisabeth Soderstrom
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MP3-1550700 Rachmaninov Songs-Elisabeth Soderstrom

S. Rachmaninov Songs Volume Two Elisabeth Soderstrom - soprano Vladimir Ashkenazy: Piano 1- In The Silent night (Op4. No3) 2- So many hours, so many fancies (Op.4. No.6) 3- For a life of pain I have given my love (Op.8. No.4) 4- A Dream (Op.8. No.5) 5- I wait for thee (Op.14, No.1) 6- The Little Island (Op.14. No.2) 7. Midsummer Nightrs (Op.14, No.5) 8- The world would see the smile (Op.14. No.6) 9- Believe it not (Op.14, No.7) 10- Spring Water (Op.14. No.11 11- Fate (Op.21, Mo.1) 12- Day to night comparing went the wind her way (Op.34. No.4) 13- Arion (Op.34.No.5) 15. The Raising of Lazarus (Op.34, No.6) 16- So dread a fate I'll ne'er believe (Op.34. No7) 17- Music (Op34. No.8 =============================================================== S. Rachmaninov Songs Volume Three Elisabeth Soderstrom - soprano Vladimir Ashkenazy: Piano 1- By the grave (Op.21, No.2) 2- Twilght (Op.21. No.3) 3- The Anwer (Op.21. No.4) 4- Lilacs (Op.21. No.5) 5- Loneliness (Op.21. No.6) 6- On the Death of a Linnet (Op.21, No.8) 7- Melody (Op.21. No.9) 8- Before the Image (Op.21. No.10) 9- No Prophet (Op.21, No.11) 10- Sorrow in Springtime (Op.21, No.12) 11- To The Children (Op.26, No.7) 12- Before my Window (Op.26. No.10) 13- The Fountains (Op.26. No.11) 14 - Night in mournful (Op.26. No.12) 15- The Ring (Op.26. No.14) 16- Power'd Paint (arr.Rachmanivov, trans.Ashkenazy) ===================================================================== S. Rachmaninov Songs Volume Four Elisabeth Soderstrom Piano: Vladimir Ashkenazy 1- I shall tell you nothing (Words by Fet) 2- Again you leapt, my heart ( Words by Grekov) 3- C'etait en avril (Words by E Pailleron, translated into Russian by T. Tshnova) 4- Twiligtht has fallen (Words by A Tolstoy) 5- Oh! stay, my love, forsake me not! Op.4 (Words by D.Merezhkovsky) 6- Morning (``I love thee well!!!) Op4. No.2 (words by M.L. Yanov) 7- The Water Lily (From Reeds on the river" Op.8 No.1 (Words by Heime, Translated into Russian by A. Pieshcheyev 8- Like blossom dew-freshen'd to gldness. Op.8 No.8 (Words Heime , Translated into Russian by A. Pieshcheyev 9- Brooding ("The days in turn pass all too soon") Op.0 No3 (Words by Shevshenko, Translated into Russian by A. Pieshcheyev) 10- A Prayer ("O lord of grace!) Op.8 No.6 (Words by Goethe, Translated into Russian by A. Pieshcheyev) 11- How few the joys Op.14 .No.3 (Words by A fet) 12 - I came on her. OP.4 No.4 (Words by A. Kolztov) 13 - The heart's secret ("Within the heart what I treasures lie concealed") Op.26 No. 1(Words by A. Tolstoy) 14- All once I gladly owned. Op.26. No.2 (Words by T. F. Tyutchev) 15- Come, let us restg. Op.26. No.3 (Words by A. Chekhov) 16. Two paretings A dialogue ("Two lovers hadst thou in thy lead") Op.s26. No.4 with John Shirley-Quirk-baritone (Words by A. Koltzov) 17- Beloved, lets us fly (Op.26. No.5) Words by Count A. Golenischev-Kutuzov) 18- Chriost is risen (Op.26 No.6 (Words by D. Merezhkovsky) 19-"Daisis" for solo piano Op.38.No3 (Revised and as played by the composer)

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