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MP3-1519100 CECILIA VALDES- Cuban Operetta 1950

MP3-1519100 CECILIA VALDES- Cuban Operetta 1950
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MP3-1519100 CECILIA VALDES- Cuban Operetta 1950

CECILIA VALDES A Cuban Operetta Music by: Gonzelo Roig Book by: Acustin Rodriguez and Jose Sanchez Arcilla Recorded in Cuba 1950?

Cecilia Valdes: Martha Perez - a mulatto founding - soprano Dolores Santa Cruz - an ex-slave - Ruth Fernandez - contralto Isabel de Ilincheta - a girl of the aristocracy - Aida Pujol - mezzo soprano Leonard de Gamboa, a young artistocrat - Francisco Naya - tenor

Orchestra and Chorus under the composer's direction ================================================================== Side A: band 1: Prelude 2: Po po po 3: Yo soy Cecelia Valdes 4: Tanila 5: Eres mi suerio Side B: band 1: Lamento de la Esclava 2: El corazon no sabe metir 3: La Contradanza 4: Hija del amor 5: Sanctus ================================================================= Cecilia Valdes, one of the earliest Cuban novels of real literary distinction, Cirilo Villaverd (1812-1894) told the tragic story of a beautiful mulatto girl loved and betrayed by a Spanish-Cuban aristocrat unaware that she is his illegitimate half-sister.the chief plot of Villaverde's novel was fashioned into an operetta libretto by Austin Rodriguez and Jose Sanchez-Arcilla, who were publicly honored by the Governments of both Cuba nd Havana for the excellence of their work. The libretto was set by Gonzalo Roig (Havana, July 20, 1890 – Havana, June 13, 1970), founder (1922) of the Orquest Sinfonica de La Havana and composer of-among much else-the familiar song "Quiereme mucho".

The Operatta Cecilia Valdes, first heard at the Teatro Marti in Havana in 1932, has since had more than five hundred performances in Cuba and has been staged successfully elsewhere. In keeping with the mixture of realistic detail and romantic nostalgia in Villaverde's novel of Colonial life, Roig mixed into his score many folk-loric elements, including examples of the criolla, guaracha, tango congo, contradanza, habamer. amd pregones, alternating them with more purely "Spanish" music for the characters of Leonardo de Gamboa and Isabel de Ilincheta. The period of the story is just before and just after 1830.

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