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MP3-1384100 WOZZECK Act 2 selections

MP3-1384100 WOZZECK Act 2 selections
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MP3-1384100 WOZZECK Act 2 selections

Berg WOZZECK: misc. excerpts from Act 2 ------------------Volume 1-----------------------------------

IIi. Was die Steine glanzen? (Marie, Wozzeck) IIii. Wohin so eilig (Hauptmann, Doktor, Wozzeck) IIiii. Guten Tag, Franz (Marie, Wozzeck) IIiv. Ich hab' ein Hemdlein an (Handwerkbursch1, Handwerkbursch2, Wozzeck, Marie, Tambourmajor, Andres, Narr) IIv. Oh!...Oh!....Andres! Ich kann nicht schlafen (Wozzeck, Andres, Tambourmajor)

1-5) (IIi-iii; in Italian) Dorothy Dow, Tito Gobbi, Hugues Cuenod, Mario Petri/Nino Sanzogno 30.IX.1954 Rome

6) (IIi-iv) Evelyn Lear, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Gerhard Stolze, Karl-Christian Kohn, Kurt Bohme, Robert Koffmane, Helmut Melchert, Fritz Wunderlich, Martin Vantin /Karl Bohm III-IV.1965 Berlin

7) (IIi-ii) Isabel Strauss, Walter Berry, Albert Weikenmeier, Karl Donch/Pierre Boulez 1966 Paris

8) (IIi-ii) Sena Jurinac, Toni Blankenheim, Gerhard Unger, Hans Sotin/Bruno Maderna 1967 Hamburg

--------------------Volume 2-----------------------------------

1) (IIi) Christa Ludwig, Walter Berry /Erich Leinsdorf 1969 Buenos Aires

2) (IIi) Anja Silja, Geraint Evans/Karl Bohm 8.VIII.1971 Salzburg

3) (IIi) Hildegard Behrens, Franz Grundheber /Claudio Abbado 1987 Wien

4-9) (IIii-v) Parry Jones, Percy Heming, Richard Bitterauf, May Blyth, Philip Bartram, Bernard Ross, Walter Widdop, Tudor Davies, Broadbridge White/Adrian Boult 14.III.1934 London

10) (IIii-iii; in English) Paul Franke, Donald Gramm, Geraint Evans, Evelyn Lear/Colin Davis 12.IV.1969 New York

11-13) (IIii-iii) Horst Hiestermann, Konrad Rupf, Theo Adam, Gisela Schroter/Herbert Kegel 9.IV.1973 Leipzig

--------------------Volume 3-----------------------------------

1) (IIiii-v) Eileen Farrell, Mack Harrell, Adolf Anderson, Hubert Norville, Frederick Jagel, David Lloyd, Joseph Mordino /Dimitri Mitropoulos 12.IV.1951 New York

2) (IIiii-v; in English) Eleanor Steber, Hermann Uhde, Ezio Flagello, Calvin Marsh, Kurt Baum, Charles Anthony, Alessio De Paolis /Karl Bohm 8.IV.1961 New York

3) (IIiii-iv) Wendy Fine, Theo Adam, Max Proebstl, Carl Hoppe, Fritz Uhl, Georg Paskuda, Walter Carnuth /Carlos Kleiber 27.XI.1970 München

4) (IIiii-v) Anja Silja, Walter Berry, Zoltan Keeman, Siegfried Rudolf Friese, Fritz Uhl, Loren Driscoll, Jean van Ree/Karl Bohm 5.VIII.1972 Salzburg

5) (IIiii-v) Anja Silja, Jose van Dam, James Courtney, Russell Christopher, Richard Cassilly, Jon Garrison, Andrea Velis /James Levine 8.III.1980 New York

--------------------Volume 4-----------------------------------

1) (IIiii-v) Hildegard Behrens, Christian Boesch, James Courtney, Russell Christopher, Richard Cassilly, John Gilmore, Andrea Velis /James Levine 19.I.1985 New York

2) (IIiii) Kathryn Montgomery-Meissner, Siegfried Lorenz /Siegfried Kurz 21.IV.1985 Berlin

3) (IIiv-v; in English) Ronald Lewis, Dennis Wicks, Geraint Evans, Marilyn Horne, Edgar Evans, John Dobson, Robert Bowman /John Pritchard 31.X.1964 London

4-5) (IIiv-v) Alfred Sramek, Franz Wachter, Eberhard Wachter, Anja Silja, Hermann Winkler, Horst R. Laubenthal, Walter Wendig/Christoph von Dohnanyi XII.1979 Wien

============================= Berg SIEBEN FRuHE LIEDER 1. Nacht (Hauptmann) 2. Schilflied (Lenau) 3. Die Nachtigall (Storm) 4. Traumgekront (Rilke) 5. Im Zimmer (Schlaf) 6. Liebesode (Hartleben) 7. Sommertage (Hohenberg)

6) (#1) Christa Ludwig/Erik Werba 27.VII.1968 Salzburg 7) (#1-2) Regine Crespin/Enrique Ricci 1969 Buenos Aires 8) (#1-3) Magda Laszlo/Lothar Broddack 4.VII.1958 Berlin 9) (#3-4) Eleanor Steber/Edwin Biltcliffe 1962 Syracuse 10-12) (#3-5) Anne Sofie von Otter/Bengt Forsberg XII.1991 Berlin 13-16) (#4-7) Margaret Marshall/Geoffrey Parsons VIII.1984 München 17-18) (#6-7) Christa Ludwig/Erik Werba 27.VII.1968 Salzburg

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