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MP3-1118800 Bumbry-Corelli: Arias Scenes

MP3-1118800 Bumbry-Corelli: Arias   Scenes
MP3-1118800 Bumbry-Corelli: Arias Scenes
Item# MP3-1118800

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MP3-1118800 Bumbry-Corelli: Arias Scenes

Grace Bumbry - Franco Corelli: Arias & Scenes

1.1/9: Habanera / Pres de remparts de Séville / Dragon D’Alcala…je veux dance…La fleur que tu…C’est toi? Oui, C’est-moi! Carmen: Bumbry, Corelli; Chicago, 1964, Dervaux

2.1: Stride la vampa…Mal reggendo…/ Acto IV completo Il Trovatore: Ligabue, Corelli, Bumbry; Chicago, 1964, Bartoletti

3.1/6: Liber scriptus / Quid sum miser / Ingemisco / Libera me…final Requiem Verdi: Jones, Bumbry, Corelli, L.A., 1967, Z. Metha

4: Aida Acto IV: Arroyo, Corelli, Bumbry, Philadelphia, 1968, Cleva

5.1/3: Canzone del velo / Esc del Jardin / Pietè perdono,…O don fate! Don Carlo: Kabaivanska, Corelli, Bumbry; 1970, K. Adler

6: Tu qui Santuzza…: Cavalleria Rusticana: Bumbry, Corelli; 1970, Bernstein, Met

7.1/2: Dueto acto 1 / Duo Acto 3 Tosca: Bumbry, Corelli; Met 1970, Levine

8.1/5: A mezzanotte, nel giardino…final acto Don Carlo: Corelli, Bumbry, Milnes; 1972, M. Pradelli

9.18: Nel di della vittoria…Or tutti sorgete / final acto 1 / Ah! la paterna mano Macbeth: Bumbry, Corelli, Milnes; Memphis, 1973, M. Pradelli

10.1/4: Recondita armonia / Duo Acto 1 / Vissi d’arte / E lucevan le stelle…final opera Tosca: Bumbry - Corelli; 1973, Cillario

11.1/4: Habanera / Pres des remparts / Dragon d’Alcala…aria de la flor / Duo final Carmen: Bumbry, Corelli, Bordoni; Macerata,1974, de Fabritiis


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