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MP3-1107200-3 Verdi OTELLO Niun mi tema

MP3-1107200-3 Verdi OTELLO Niun mi tema
MP3-1107200-3 Verdi OTELLO Niun mi tema
Item# MP3-1107200-3

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MP3-1107200-3 Verdi OTELLO Niun mi tema

1) Ave end of opera --Gabriella Tucci, James McCracken, Janis Martin, Robert Merrill, Paul Franke, Bonaldo Giaiotti, Clifford Harvuot/Georg Solti 23.III.1963 New York

Niun mi tema (often abbreviated)

2) Antonio Aramburo (damaged final phrases) 1902 Montevideo 3) Francesco Tamagno 7-11.II.1903 Ospedaletti 4) Leo Slezak c1909 New York 5) Nicola Zerola 1.XI.1909 Camden 6) Antonio Paoli 27.VI.1911 Milan 7) Edoardo Ferrari-Fontana 1.III.1915 New York 8) (in German) Hermann Jadlowker 1916 Berlin 9) Giuseppe Borgatti c1919 Milan 10) Giuseppe Zenatello/Vincenzo Bellezza 17.VI.1926 London 11) John O'Sullivan/Frieder Weissmann 8.VI.1928 Berlin 12) Renato Zanelli/John Barbirolli 18.VI.1928 London 13) Nino Piccaluga/Frieder Weissmann 1.X.1928 Berlin 14) (in German) Martin Öhman (Carl Martin Öhmann) X.1929 Berlin 15) (in German) Lauritz Melchior/John Barbirolli 17.V.1930 London 16) (in German) Franz Völker/Hermann Weigert 1930 Berlin 17) Francesco Merli/Lorenzo Molajoli 25.VI.1935 Milan 18) Lauritz Melchior/Erich Leinsdorf 15.IV.1942 New York 19) (in French) Georges Thill/François Ruhlmann 29.V.1942 Paris 20) (in German) Helge Roswaenge /Hanns Steinkopf or Karl Elmendorff 1942-43 Berlin 21) (in German) Ernst Gruber 1955 Berlin 22) Carlo Bergonzi/Nello Santi 1974 London 23) Franco Corelli/Alfredo Silipigni 9.VII.1981 New Jersey

24-26) Ave end of opera --Maria Carbone, Nicola Fusati, Tamara Beltacchi, Apollo Granforte, Piero Girardi, Corrado Zambelli, Enrico Spada/Carlo Sabajno XI.1931-I.1932 Milan

27-29) Piangea end of opera --Carla Martinis, Sieglinde Wagner, Ramón Vinay, Paul Schöffler, Anton Dermota, Josef Greindl, Georg Monthy/Wilhelm Furtwängler 7.VIII.1951 Salzburg


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