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MP3-1089900-4 Verdi OTELLO Misc act Volume 4

MP3-1089900-4 Verdi OTELLO Misc act Volume 4
MP3-1089900-4 Verdi OTELLO Misc act Volume 4
Item# MP3-1089900-4

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MP3-1089900-4 Verdi OTELLO Misc act Volume 4

D'un uom che end of act

1-2) Victoria de los Ángeles, Mario Del Monaco, Leonard Warren, Rosalind Elias /Fausto Cleva 8.III.1958 New York 3-7) Montserrat Caballé, James McCracken, Tito Gobbi, Shirley Love/Zubin Mehta 11.III.1967 New York 8-11) Enriqueta Tarrés, Richard Cassilly, Giuseppe Taddei, Anne Howells/Georg Solti 14.V.1968 London

Oh! mostruosa colpa!...Si pel ciel

12) (Si pel ciel) Giuseppe Zenatello, Pasquale Amato 6.X.1909 Milan 13) Enrico Caruso, Titta Ruffo 8.I.1914 New York 14) José Palet, Inocencio Navarro 11.VIII.1917 Barcelona 15) (Ah! Mille vite) Aureliano Pertile, Benvenuto Franci /Carlo Sabajno 19.XI.1928 Milan 16) (Si pel ciel, in German) Torsten Ralf, Josef Herrmann /Karl Böhm 1941 Dresden 17) (Talor vedeste) Lauritz Melchior, Herbert Janssen /Juan Emilio Martini 31.VIII.1943 Buenos Aires 18) (Ah! Mille vite) Set Svanholm, Leonard Warren /Gaetano Merola 26.X.1947 San Francisco 19) Jussi Björling, Robert Merrill /Renato Cellini 3.I.1951 New York 20-21) (Non pensateci) Frank Guarrera, Ramón Vinay /Fausto Cleva 18.VI.1951 New York 22) (Desdemona rea!) James King, Tom Krause /Kurt Eichhorn 1.XII.1968 München 23) Jon Vickers, Peter Glossop /Herbert von Karajan 10.VIII.1970 Salzburg 24) (E qual certezza) Sherrill Milnes, James McCracken /Karl Böhm 8.IV.1972 New York

25) Era la notte (without Si pel ciel)--Thomas Stewart, Jon Vickers/James Levine 9.II.1974 New York

26-29) Pace, end of act (sung in German) --Ferdinand Frantz, Hans Hopf /Eugen Jochum 15-21.XII.1955 München

30-32) Tu? Indietro! end of act --Ramón Vinay, Paul Schöffler /Wilhelm Furtwängler 7.VIII.1951 Salzburg

33-37) D'un uom che end of act --Elisabeth Rethberg, Giovanni Martinelli, Lawrence Tibbett, Thelma Votipka /Ettore Panizza 12.II.1938 New York


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