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MP3-1089900-1 Verdi OTELLO Misc act Volume 1

MP3-1089900-1 Verdi OTELLO Misc act Volume 1
MP3-1089900-1 Verdi OTELLO Misc act Volume 1
Item# MP3-1089900-1

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MP3-1089900-1 Verdi OTELLO Misc act Volume 1

Non ti crucciar....Credo in un Dio crudel

1-2) Leonard Warren, John Garris /Fritz Busch 29.XI.1948 New York 3-4) Paul Schöffler, Anton Dermota /Wilhelm Furtwängler 7.VIII.1951 Salzburg 5) Piero Biasini (Cassio uncredited) /Victor de Sabata II.1938 Milan 6-7) Tito Gobbi, Franco Ricciardi /Nino Sanzogno 11.I.1962 Palermo


8) Antonio Scotti 9.III.1906 New York 9) Antonio Magini-Coletti 14.III.1908 Milan 10) Ramón Blanchart 11.IV.1910 New York 11) Pasquale Amato/Walter B. Rogers 9.XI.1911 Camden 12) (in German) Joseph Schwarz 1916 Berlin 13) (in German) Michael Bohnen 1916-17 Berlin 14) (in German) Theodor Lattermann c1921 Berlin 15) Giuseppe Danise 1921 New York 16) Apollo Granforte 27.II.1925 London 17) Riccardo Stracciari 20.III.1925 London 18) (in English) Peter Dawson/George W. Byng IX.1927 London 19) Benvenuto Franci/Carlo Sabajno 15.II.1928 Milan 20) (in French) Arthur Endrèze/Gustave Cloëz X.1931 Paris 21) Nelson Eddy/Robert Armbruster 7.VII.1937 Los Angeles? 22) John Charles Thomas/Victor Young 1943 Los Angeles? 23) (in German) Hans Hotter /Heinrich Hollreiser 18.V.1943 München 24) (in German) Josef Herrmann/Kurt Striegler 1944 Dresden 25) (in German) Mathieu Ahlersmeyer /Kurt Striegler 1945 Dresden 26) Gino Bechi/Antonino Votto 14.XII.1946 Rome 27) Tito Gobbi/James Robertson 14.III.1950 London 28) Robert Weede/Gaetano Merola 7.X.1951 San Francisco 29-30) Ettore Bastianini/Wilhelm Schüchter 1954 Hamburg 31) (in French) Ernest Blanc /Louis de Froment 14.III.1957 Paris? 32) Manuel Ausensi/Ricard Lamote de Grignon c1960 Barcelona? 33) Geraint Evans/Brian Balkwill 1966 Geneva 34) (in German) Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau /Otto Gerdes 1967 München 35) Yuri Mazurok/Mark Ermler c1977-78 Moscow

36) Non ti crucciar....Credo in un Dio crudel ...Temete, signor, la gelosia!--Lawrence Tibbett, Alessio de Paolis, Giovanni Martinelli /Ettore Panizza 3.XII.1938 New York


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