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MP3-1086800-3 Verdi OTELLO volume 3

MP3-1086800-3 Verdi OTELLO volume 3
MP3-1086800-3 Verdi OTELLO volume 3
Item# MP3-1086800-3

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MP3-1086800-3 Verdi OTELLO volume 3

1) Qua, ragazzi, del vino! end of act --Leonard Warren, Alessio de Paolis (Cassio), Anthony Marlowe, Kenneth Schon, Torsten Ralf, Stella Roman /George Szell 23.II.1946 New York

Già nella notte densa

2) (without ending) Giuseppe Zenatello, Lina Pasini-Vitale 8-9.X.1909 Milan

3) Tino Pattiera, Meta Seinemeyer /Frieder Weissmann 11.V.1928 Berlin

4) Francesco Merli, Claudia Muzio /Lorenzo Molajoli VI.1935 Milan

5) (in German) August Seider, Margarete Teschemacher /Paul Schmitz 13.II.1941 Leipzig

6) (in German) Helge Roswaenge, Maria Reining /Hanns Steinkopf or Karl Elmendorff 1942-43 Berlin

7) (in German) Franz Völker, Maud Cunitz /Bertil Wetzelsberger 24.II.1946 München

8-9) (incomplete: two fragments) Set Svanholm, Licia Albanese/Gaetano Merola 26.X.1947 San Francisco

10) Richard Tucker, Daniza Ilitsch /Max Rudolf 5.XI.1947 New York

11) Beniamino Gigli, Rina Gigli /Argeo Quadri 18.I.1951 Milan

12) Ramón Vinay, Eleanor Steber /Fausto Cleva 31.XII.1951 New York

13) (in German) Peter Anders, Sena Jurinac /Otto Ackermann 17.IV.1952 Baden-Baden

14) Mario Del Monaco, Renata Tebaldi /Antonino Votto 7.I.1955 Milan

15) Mario Del Monaco, Victoria de los Ángeles /Fausto Cleva 8.III.1958 New York

16) Jon Vickers, Raina Kabaivanska /Berislav Klobucar 17.V.1963 Buenos Aires

17) (in German) Wolfgang Windgassen, Teresa Stratas /Otto Gerdes 1967 München

18) James King, Gwyneth Jones /Kurt Eichhorn IV.1970 München


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