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DVD: CERHA: Baal: Theo Adam (Baal): Helmut Berger-Tuna: Heiner Hopfner: Marjana Lipovsek – Gabriela Sima: Emily Rawlins: Martha MOdl: Paul Hoffmann: Erwin V. Gross – Hans Kraemmer: Heinz Holecek: Hermann Winkler: Alfred Sramek: Milly Rudiferia: Rudolf Costumestas: Margarethe Bence: Waldemar Kmentt: Christian Aeby: Christina Kubelka: Josef Zehetgruber: Silvia Herman: Rudolf Weitlaner: Heinz Winter: Margareta Hintermeier: Robert Minder: Herma Steckel: Rudolf Mazzola – Georg Rootering: Wilfried Gahmlich: Cond: Christoph von Dohnanyi / Cond:: Otto Schenk: Staatsoper Wien 1981
DVD: CERHA: Der Rattenfänger
DVD: CERHA: Der Riese vom Steinfeld - Thomas Hampson (Der Riese vom Steinfeld) – Diana Damrau (Die kleine Frau) – Michelle Breedt (Anja, die Mutter des Riesen) – Herwig Pecoraro (Der Klammer-schneider) – Wolfgang Bankl (Der aufgedonnerte ZirkusCondektor/Conferencier/ DorfBurgermeister) – BranCostume Samarovski (Der Musikzauberer oder versoffene Costumempositeur) – Alfred Šramek (Der Teufel/Der Sargtischler) – Heinz Zednik (*obi Fleckeles/Kaiser Wilhelm der Zweite) – Margareta Hintermeier (COSTUMEnigin Viktoria) – John Nuzzo (Dorian Bosomworth/2. BauernBursch) – Janusz Monarcha (Lord Pitt/Der Totengräber) – Peter COSTUMEves (Erster Bauer/Kaiserlicher Tursteher) – Walter Pauritsch (Zweiter Bauer/Kaiserlicher Tursteher) – Johannes Gisser (Dritter Bauer) – Jens Musger (1, BauernBursche) - Cond: Michael Roder / Cond:: Jurgen Flimm / Stage: Erich Wonder / Costume: Florence von Gerkan / Choireographie: Renato Zanella - Staatsoper Wien 15.6.2002 (Urauffuhrung) - Stereo
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Important Information!!!
USA Telephone (404) 200-4776 We sell only opera recordings. The recordings are sent to you in paper sleeves with no tray card or inserts, just the raw discs with printed labels. These recordings are of nonprofessional quality that are in the public domain. The quality of these old opera recordings is not very good and they are meant for collectors and educational purposes only. Most of them are 30 or 40 years old, so they might be blurry, colors faded, and not sound very good, but they might not be available elsewhere. Please note that most of our recordings do not have tracks, they have 1 long track per disc.