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3337 1979 Lulu in alternate version After posting a ne

MP4 video download MP4-93337 1979 Lulu in alternate version
MP4 video download MP4-93337 1979 Lulu in alternate version
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MP493337 1979 Lulu in alternate version

After posting a new link for oktavian92's version of the live telecast of the complete 'Lulu' in its world premiere production at the Paris Opera in 1979, I decided to have a try at re-uploading the larger-format alternative offered by erichkornau in message #57121 (August 23, 2008.)

Needless to say, it was a much more ambitious undertaking.

Erichkornau's 2.4 GB version had originally been split in 26 parts; and, while I had eventually stored it as single file, I was frankly dubious that RapidShare 'unlimited' upload--even if it worked in this instance--would be a truly practical approach, either for me or any potential downloader. So, after a couple of false starts, I finally split the upload into two (somewhat unequal) segments which must be rejoined by HJSplit after they have been downloaded :

According to erichkornau's own specs, the image is 640 x 480 and the sound was recorded at 256 kbits. As is the case in oktavian's version, the picture is quite dark and may take some getting used to. Instead of French subtitles, there are Japanese subtitles here.


Since the cast and production credits (as given by oktavian and copied in every subsequent posting) are rife with misspelled names, I'll offer a corrected listing of my own.

Berg L U L U

World premiere of the complete opera, with Act III realized by Friedrich Cerha

Live telecast from the Paris Opera 24 February, 1979 ________________________________________________________________

Lulu: Teresa Stratas Countess Geschwitz : Yvonne Minton Dresser/School Boy/Groom : Hanna Schwarz Dr. Schön/Jack : Franz Mazura Alwa : Kenneth Riegel Dr. Goll/Schigolch : Toni Blankenheim Painter/Black : Robert Tear Animal Trainer/Strongman : Gerd Nienstedt Prince/Servant/Marquis : Helmut Pampuch Stage Manager/Banker : Jules Bastin 15-year-old girl: Daniele Chlostawa Mother: Ursula Boese Journalist : Claude Meloni Designer: Anna Ringart Police Officer : Fernand Dumont Servant : Pierre-Yves Le Maigat

(A silent character, a dwarf, figures in the action, most importantly as Lulu's first client, usually called the Professor. The performer is credited as "Le nain Roberto.")

Conductor Pierre Boulez Orchestre de l'Opéra de Paris

Director: Patrice Chéreau Scenery: Richard Peduzzi Costumes: Jacques Schmidt

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