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CD88251 OTSL's 'Gloriana'

CD88251 OTSL's 'Gloriana'
CD88251 OTSL's 'Gloriana'
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CD88251 OTSL's 'Gloriana'

Here, as promised--and per Giovanni's request--is a re-upload of Opera Theatre of St. Louis's 2005 production of Britten's 'Gloriana' with Christine Brewer in the role of Elizabeth I.

I should say right off that I'm not certain whether my downloading of the performance used the links provided by Chester Schnuer (July 9, 2006 / message #6975) or those "voicefixer" posted almost immediately thereafter (message #7009), noting that he had "done some tracking (without benefit of a score) and adjusted the audio levels, hopefully enhancing the presence of the sound in general."

I rather think, though, that the source is likelier to have been the earlier one, since the files I stored have neither tracking nor cue sheets. In any case, since Eugene ("voicefixer") is actively involved in the current "Brewer Project," I think we should be guided by him in the matter. Here, meanwhile, are the two files I have, now contained in a single RAR folder of 193 MB.

[BTW I've permitted myself one 'editorial' liberty in preparing this post--by removing the spurious ossia "The Private Life of Elizabeth and Essex" OTSL chose to add to the title of the opera. While I don't have the facts behind this decision before me as I write, I suspect that the leaden hand of a marketing department must have been involved, and note that 2005 was also the year that OTSL--despite its justifiable pride in being the sole U. S. company of international note to perform exclusively in the vernacular--finally yielded to the powers that were by adding titles to the proceedings.]

Britten G L O R I A N A Opera Theatre of St. Louis June 15, 2005

Christine Brewer (soprano) - Queen Elizabeth I Brandon Jovanovich (tenor) - Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex Kellie Van Horn (mezzo-soprano) - Frances, Countess of Essex James Westman (baritone) - Charles Blount, Lord Mountjoy Mary Wilson (soprano) - Penelope, Lady Rich Steven Condy (baritone) - Sir Robert Cecil Robert Pomakov (bass) - Sir Walter Raleigh Morris DeRhon Robinson (bass) - Blind Ballad Singer

Members of the St. LouisSymphony Orchestra Chorus of Opera Theatre of St. Louis Steuart Bedford (conductor)

NOTE: - The Private Life of Elizabeth and Essex

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