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CD89994 Meistersinger Easter Festival Salzburg 1974 - Karajan

CD89994 Meistersinger Easter Festival Salzburg 1974 - Karajan
CD89994 Meistersinger Easter Festival Salzburg 1974 - Karajan
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CD89994 Meistersinger Easter Festival Salzburg 1974 - Karajan

Again with a correction: the first ‘four’ has to bee ‘three’

From several reactions I learned that not every member has experience with flac-files, so here is a short description how to proceed: Step one: download ALL the three flac files Step two: join them and you get one big rar-file Step three: unzip and you get four ‘real’ flac-files and four cue sheets Step four: convert the four flac-files to wav-files Step five: place the wav-files and the corresponding cue sheets in four different folders (called for instance cd1, cd2, cd3 and cd4) Step six: use the cue sheets Step seven: burn the cd’s


As the former upload of the Meistersinger Karajan conducted in Salzburg in 1974, one of the most impressive performances of this opera I know, is not available anymore, I prepared a new upload with cue sheets in a higher bitrate (320 kbps) than before and of course also in wav-flac for anyone who wants to burn four real good cd's. I recorded the opera myself from a broadcast by the Dutch radio, based on the broadcast by the Austrian radio, so you may hear two different announcers at the end. At that time I did not yet have a Revox, so my original recording was made on 19cm reel-to-reel tapes (BASF) at 3 3/4 cm ps.

Osterfestspiele Salzburg - 7 April 1974

Richard Wagner Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg Berliner Philarmoniker Herbert von Karajan

Hans Sachs - Karl Ridderbusch Walter von Stolzing - René Kollo Eva - Gundula Janowitz Veit Pogner - Louis Hendrick David - Peter Schreier Sixtus Beckmesser - Günther Leib Fritz Kothner - Jef Vermeersch Magdalene - Kerstin Meyer Kunz Vogelgesang - Dieter Ellenbeck Konrad Nachtigall - Martin Egel Balthasar Zorn - Martin Schomberg Ulrich Eisslinger - Wolfgang Appel Augustin Moser - Martin Vantin Hermann Ortel - Hans Christian Hans Schwarz - Hannes Jockel Hans Foltz - Alois Pernesdorfer Nachtwachter 1 - Nikolaus Hillebrand Nachtwachter 2 - Gerhard Stolze

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