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***not available*** CD90916 Déodat de Séverac: HELIOGABALE - edited and tracked

***not available*** CD90916 Déodat de Séverac: HELIOGABALE - edited and tracked
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CD90916 Déodat de Séverac: HELIOGABALE - edited and tracked

First of all thank you to Hervé / franchom for this most interesting upload. Using the vocal score I did some editing and tracking and divided the source of two parts newly with act I and II on the first and act III on the second CD. The tracks follow the numbers of the vocal score - the "tragédie lyrique" in this case seems to be a play with some music; the performance omitted the (quite large) spoken parts and concentrated on the music. As the vocal score is in French I am quite sure that in this case the soloists and the choirs sing in Occitan (Lenga d'oc) which is also spoken in Déodat de Séverac's home region, Upper Garonne.

Best schnepel11

Déodat de Séverac HELIOGABALE Tragédie lyrique en 3 actes Poème de Emile Sicard

Cynthia Cecilia Fondevila Lucilius Bartomeu Bardagi Le Diacre Raimon Torres

Cobla Ciutat de Barcelona (dir. Josep Gonzalez) Orfeó Laudate Orquestra del Gran Teatre del Liceu de Barcelona Angel Colomer i del Romero

Barcelona, July 1972

radio broadcast, was mp3; 192 kbps now 2 flac-files with cue-sheet kind of artwork included

CD 1

1 Prologue 6:02 2 Acte I - No. 1 4:15 3 No. 2 - Scène VI - Cortège des Roses 1:09 4 No. 3 - Scène VII - Cortège d`Héliogabale 5:18 5 No. 4 - Scène X 0:49 6 No. 5 - Scène X 6:38 7 Acte II - Prélude (Invocation) 4:17 8 No. 1 - Scène I - Les Chrétiens 8:18 9 No. 2 - Scène I - Sortie de Callixtus 1:37 10 No. 3 - Scène IV - Entrée des Chrétiens (avant la scène du Baptême) 1:19 11 No. 4 - Scène du Baptême 4:41 12 Le Baiser de Paix 2:09 13 No. 5 - Scène IV 6:55 14 Choeur final 3:45

CD 2

1 Acte III - No. 1 - Introduction et Danse du Soleil 4:35 2 No. 2 - Scène II 5:16 3 Procession 3:47 4 Ballet - La Résurrection d`Adonis - No. 1 - Les Funérailles d`Adonis 1:13 5 No. 2 1:47 6 Scène IV 7:01 7 Allegretto 3:43 8 Final - La mort 4:08 9 Schlußapplaus 0:09


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