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CD86611 Braunfels, Ulenspiegel, live Gera 28 Jan 2011 (mp2)

CD86611 Braunfels, Ulenspiegel, live Gera 28 Jan 2011 (mp2)
CD86611 Braunfels, Ulenspiegel, live Gera 28 Jan 2011 (mp2)
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CD86611 Braunfels, Ulenspiegel, live Gera 28 Jan 2011 (mp2)

here is last evening's premiere of Braunfels's opera Ulenspiegel, as performed in Gera and broadcast live by MDR Figaro. As the opera is fairly short, I uploaded 3 mp2 files, 1 for each act, without any additional compression, as transmitted via digital satellite by Figaro, at 320kbps 48kHz. The zip file contains the complete radio commentary (introduction, interval, final announcements), except for a few seconds during which the speaker talked into the music, at the beginning of act1, which is included in the first mp2 file (3 files mp2 in the zip, all in German). Mp2 can easily be converted into the format you prefer. Enjoy, Willi

Walter Braunfels, Ulenspiegel (1913), live Gera 28 Jan 2011 opera in 3 acts, libretto by Walter Braunfels

Ulenspiegel - Keith Boldt Nele - Marie-Luise Dreßen Profoß des Herzogs Alba - Olaf Plassa Schneider/Geuse - Christoph Rosenbaum Klas - Shavleg Armasi Seifensieder - Günter Markwarth Schreiber/Geuse - Michael Siemon Schuster, Jost - Kai Wefer Schreiner/Anführer der Geusen - Teruhiko Komori Ablasspriester/Geuse - Peter Paul Haller Ketzerin - Elke Böhm Mönche - Konrad Zorn Genter Bürger - Heiko Retzlaff, Andreas Veit Junges Mädchen - Annick Séférian Stimme des 1. Fischers - Michael Siemon

Chorus of the Opera Gera-Altenburg , Philharmonic Orchestra Gera - Jens Troester Ueli Häsler (chorus master)

Matthias Oldag (director), Stephan Braunfels (grandson of composer, stage design), Henrike Bromber (costumes) [Source: Live digitalSat broadcast by MDR Figaro, mp2 at 320kbps/48kHz]

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