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CD88317 Britten: Gloriana-Alderburgh Festival 2003-Brewer

CD88317 Britten: Gloriana-Alderburgh Festival 2003-Brewer
CD88317 Britten: Gloriana-Alderburgh Festival 2003-Brewer
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CD88317 Britten: Gloriana-Alderburgh Festival 2003-Brewer

This upload is in response to message 88251, in which heurtebise2401 re-loaded a 2005 performance of Gloriana from Opera Theater of St. Louis.

I am offering a 2003 performance from the Aldeburgh Festival, also starring Christine Brewer.

This is from an FM broadcast in good sound.

GLORIANA Benjamin Britten Aldeburgh Festival - June 2003

Queen Elizabeth I CHRISTINE BREWER Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex TOM RANDLE Countess of Essex PAMELA HELEN-STEPHEN Lady Rich JANICE WATSON Lord Mountjoy PETER COLEMAN WRIGHT Sir Robert Cecil RODERICK WILLIAMS Sir Walter Raleigh ROBERT HAYWARD Lady in Waiting GAIL PEARSON Henry Cuffe JESSE CLARK Spirit of the Masque JAMES GILCHRIST Blind Ballad Singer ROBERT LLOYD Recorder of Norwich JOHN SHIRLEY-QUIRK Conductor RICHARD HICKOX

The Philharmonia Orchestra Opera North Chorus Tiffin Boys Choir

CD I 70:14 Act I 1. Scene 1 - Prelude 7:52 2. Entrance of the Queen 5:33 3. Ensemble of Reconciliation 6:26 4. Scene 2 - Prelude and Dialogue 2:09 5. The Queen's Song 1:48 6. Cecil's Song of Government 4:13 7. First Lute Song 1:57 8. Second Lute Song 3:49 9. The First Duet for the Queen and Essex 4:23 10. Soliloquy and Prayer 5:10

Act II 11. Scene 1 - Prelude and Welcome 3:55 12. The Masque 11:20 13. Finale 2:37 14. Scene 2 - Prelude and Song 5:25 15. Quartet 3:29

CD II 77:53

1. Scene 3 - Pavanne 4:56 2. Conversation and the Queen's Entrance 4:18 3. The Queen's Burlesque 5:14 4. The Queen's Announcement 5:16 5. Coranto 1:10

Act III 6. Prelude and Chatter 3:40 7. The Second Duet of the Queen and Essex 7:45 8. The Dressing Table Song 4:13 9. Discussion 2:40 10. Scene 2 - Ballad-Rondo 9:52 11. Scend 3 - Prelude and Verdict 6:45 12. The Queen's Dilemma 6:11 13. Penelope Rich's Pleading 1:41 14. Epilogue 9:05 15. Applause - signoff 5:02

Cue sheet provided for 2 CDs.

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