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CD89109 Bayreuth Ring 1976

CD89109 Bayreuth Ring 1976
CD89109 Bayreuth Ring 1976
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CD89109 Bayreuth Ring 1976

I thought I would reload this centenary ring from Bayreuth in 1976, in fine stereo sound with fanfares and announcements. This was the first year that Director Patrice Chéreau's ring was seen at Bayreuth and as you will hear it did not get a great reception from the audience. There is quite a bit of audience disruption during Act 3 of Gotterdammerung for instance. Enjoy Tim

Das Rheingold July 24, 1976 Conductor Pierre Boulez Wotan Donald McIntyre Donner Jerker Arvidson Froh Heribert Steinbach Loge Heinz Zednik Fasolt Matti Salminen Fafner Bengt Rundgren Alberich Zoltán Kélemen Mime Wolf Appel Fricka Eva Randová Freia Rachel Yakar Erda Ortrun Wenkel Woglinde Yoko Kawahara Wellgunde Ilse Gramatzki Floßhilde Adelheid Krauss

Die Walkure July 25, 1976 Conductor Pierre Boulez Siegmund Peter Hofmann Hunding Matti Salminen Wotan Donald McIntyre Sieglinde Hannelore Bode Brünnhilde Gwyneth Jones Fricka Yvonne Minton Gerhilde Rachel Yakar Ortlinde Irja Auroora Waltraute Doris Soffel Schwertleite Adelheid Krauss Helmwige Katie Clarke Siegrune Alicia Nafé Grimgerde Ilse Gramatzki Rossweisse Elisabeth Glauser

Siegfried July 27, 1976 Conductor Pierre Boulez Siegfried René Kollo Mime Heinz Zednik Der Wanderer Donald McIntyre Alberich Zoltán Kélemen Fafner Bengt Rundgren Erda Hanna Schwarz Brünnhilde Gwyneth Jones Waldvogel Yoko Kawahara

Gotterdammerung July 29, 1976 Conductor Pierre Boulez Siegfried Jess Thomas Gunther Jerker Arvidson Hagen Karl Ridderbusch Alberich Zoltán Kélemen Brünnhilde Gwyneth Jones Gutrune Irja Auroora Waltraute Yvonne Minton 1. Norn Ortrun Wenkel 2. Norn Dagmar Trabert 3. Norn Hannelore Bode Woglinde Yoko Kawahara Wellgunde Ilse Gramatzki Floßhilde Adelheid Krauss

Bavarian Radio broadcast @ 256kps stereo

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