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CD96133 Gorecki, Breslau 2012, Laks' Die unerwartete Schwalbe

CD96133 Gorecki, Breslau 2012, Laks' Die unerwartete Schwalbe
CD96133 Gorecki, Breslau 2012, Laks' Die unerwartete Schwalbe
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CD96133 Gorecki, Breslau 2012, Laks' Die unerwartete Schwalbe

I have deleted my previous Message #96098 named "Musica Polonica Nova, Wroclaw 2012". Dradio had changed schedule, which I realize too late. I apologize.

Here is what Dradio actually did broadcast:

Deutschlandradio Kultur, 24.04.2012 20:03

Fist part is a concert given in The Philharmonic Hall in Breslau 22/4 Second part is Simon Laks' opera "Die unerwartete Schwalbe" recorded in Warszawa 2010 (same as Message #82118, but the links there are dead)

1) Musica Polonica Nova Wroclaw (Breslau) 22/4 18:00 6.00 pm, Philharmonic Concert Hall

Extreme Power of `Poor' Music

Iwona Kania – soprano Chamber Orchestra of Tychy Aukso Marek Mos – conductor

Henryk Mikolaj Górecki (1933–2010) – Little Music (1967–1970) Little Music II for 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, 2 pianos and percussion Little Music III for 3 violas Little Music IV - Trombone Concerto Op. 28 for trombone, clarinet, cello and piano

Henryk Mikolaj Górecki – Genesis (1962–1963) Genesis I Elementi per archi Op. 19 for violin, viola and cello Genesis II Canti instrumentali Op. 19 for 15 performers Genesis III Monodramma Op. 19 for soprano, 13 metal percussion instruments and 6 double bassesIn the beginning, there was sound' – Henryk Mikolaj Górecki seems to state in his instrumental triptych Genesis (1962-63). Elementi, Canti strumentali and Monodramma appear as The Creation of a highly unhaydnian world, a world of unarticulated articulation, murmurs and scratches combined with definite pitches. The tone colour is generative in Genesis – it is a quite characteristic feature of sonorism (pure sound composing), the Polish avant-garde movement from the 1960s.While Genesis is somewhat unhaydnian, another Górecki's cycle Muzyczki (Little Music I-IV, 1967/1970) is nothing like Mozart's Little Night Music. It is clearly marked by all these expressive marks: furioso, inquietissimo, con massima passione... What else do the four pieces of the Little Music cycle have in common? As Górecki said, they `all tackle the same problem of putting the most stringently restricted material to maximum use'.

2) (same as Message #82118) Lutoslawski Studio des Polnischen Rundfunks -Warschau. Aufzeichnung vom 13.6.10 Simon Laks, "L'hirondelle inattendue" (Bezdomna jaskolka / The Unexpected Swallow / Die unerwartete Schwalbe) Opéra-bouffe in einem Akt Kévin Amiel - Le Journaliste Patrick Agard - Le Pilote Eduarda Melo - La Colombe de l'Arche de Noé Eugénie Danglade - La Tortue d'Eschyle Grzegorz Pazik - Le Serpent de l'Eden Daniel Borowski - L'Ours de Berne Ute Gfrerer - L'Hirondelle Agnieszka Makówka - L'Hirondelle 2 Sandrine Eyglier - Procné Cyril Rovery - La Voix du Ciel Anna Karasiƒska Agnieszka Makówka - Les Oies du Capitole Katarzyna Trylnik Orchester des Polnischen Rundfunks Warschau Leitung: Lukasz Borowicz

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