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CD93357 Goodall's Mastersingers from the Coliseum in wav

CD93357  Goodall's Mastersingers from the Coliseum in wav
CD93357 Goodall's Mastersingers from the Coliseum in wav
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CD93357 Goodall's Mastersingers from the Coliseum in wav

Pre-approved upload.

The legendary Mastersingers of the English National Opera from 1968 was recorded twice: on 10 February in the Sadler's Wells Theatre with Alberto Remedios as Walther, but unfortunately with some cuts. On 18 September, after the move to the wider space of the Coliseum, it was recorded again, this time with a certain Connell Byrne as Walther, but complete and under better acoustical conditions. This second performance is presented here in excellent sound (some minor flaws, for instance during the opening section of the overture), coming from the re-broadcast from May 1986, as may follow from the announcement at the beginning as well as at the end, when the broadcast is dedicated to one of the former members of the BBC-production staff.

After a previous upload in a very low bitrate I decided to a new upload in wav, the source being a DAT-copy of a reel-to-reel-tape (Revox, high speed). I got this copy in exchange and decided to transfer it to five cd's. With a length of a full five hours a choice of four cd's had resulted in unwanted breaks in the music, especially at the end of the second act. An advantage is the fact that now it was possible to split the first act before Kothner's opening of the assembly of Mastersingers in stead of interrupting it before Walter's 'trial song'.

Wagner: The Mastersingers of Nuremberg The ENO at the London Coliseum, 18 September 1968 BBC-recording, re-broadcast from May 1986

Hans Sachs - Norman Bailey Veit Pogner - Noel Mangin Sixtus Beckmesser - Derek Hammond-Stroud Fritz Kothner - David Bowman Nachtwächter - Ian Comboy Kunz Vogelgesang - Robin Donald Konrad Nachtigall - Julian Moyle Ulrich Eisslinger - Francis Egerton Balthasar Zorn - John Brecknock Augustin Moser - Louis Browne Hermann Ortel - James Singleton Hans Schwarz - Gerwyn Morgan Hans Foltz - Eric Stannard Walther von Stolzing - Connell Byrne David - Gregory Dempsey Eva - Margaret Curphey Magdalena - Ann Robson after unzipping you have 5 cd-folders with flac-files and cue-sheets - use a convertor (Flac Frontend for instance) to translate the flac-files back to wav-files - go to the first map and if you have a good cue-splitter installed (I always use Medieval Cue Splitter) you have two steps to go: a. click on the cue sheet; now Medieval Cue Splitter starts working and you see a screen (you do not have to open Medieval Cue Splitter – if it is on your pc, the program will find it) b. click `SPLIT' (probably left side underneath) and the splitter does its work (but you may have to browse to the map with the cue sheet and the wav-file) - afterwards you have a lot of files in that map; you only need the files with exact the same name and a number (from 1 to ...) – those are the tracks you need to burn a cd. - take care that your cd-burner does not create gaps between the tracks. i-Tunes works excellent.

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