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CD93269 Genady Pischaev - one of the most beautiful lyric tenors you

CD93269 Genady Pischaev - one of the most beautiful lyric tenors you
CD93269 Genady Pischaev - one of the most beautiful lyric tenors you
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CD93269 Genady Pischaev - one of the most beautiful lyric tenors you

Genady Pischaev is one of those little known Soviet tenor altinos of the 50s-70s who deserves greater fame if for nothing more then for having a uniquely beautiful voice. I came across Mr. Pischaev accidentally 3-4 months ago while listening to the Russian-language 1955 rendition of I Pagliacci. The rendition was good but what really raised my eyebrows was Arlecchino's serenade sung by Mr. Pischaev. Mr. Pischaev's Beppe was the closest to what I still consider to be the ultimate rendition of Arlecchino's serenade by Gaetano Pini-Corsi. Mr. Pischaev's gorgeous timbre reminds me of the Russian greats of the past: Lemeshev and Sobinov. Among more recent singers Pischaev sometimes sounds like one of my all time favorite bel canto tenors, Ernesto Palacio. In Russia Mr. Pischaev was primarily known for his Russian-language rendition of Smith's Serenade from 'La jolie fille de Perth' by Georges Bizet and for his role as Astrologer in Rimsky-Korsakov's The Golden Cockerel. Anyway, Mr. Pischaev apparently is still working today and this is what is said about him on the Internet: Born 30.7.1927. Acclaimed Artist of Russian Soviet Federative Socialistic Republic (1965). In 1953 finished Moscow conservatory and started working as a soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic. Gave a lot of concerts. In his repertoire were opera arias, romances and folk songs. In 1963-1964 he recorded all of Chaikovsky's romances (and again in 1965, 1971, 1975). Never took part in operatic stagings. (Both The Golden Cockerel & I Pagliacci were sung in a concert performance- arkadinho) From 1980 - teaching in a vocal faculty of the State Institute for Theatrical Arts.

I have two folders: one with flac. files that I got in trade and the other with mp3s that I compiled myself from various sources on the internet. I'm uploading them as I have them. Each has original tracks.

Almost all tracks are sung in Russian.01. Aria of Ashug (Spendiarov - Parnok-Shteinberg).flac 02. Recitative & Serenade of Vladimir from 'Dubrovsky' (Napravnik - M.Tchaikovsky).flac 03. Serenade of Nadir from 'Les pêcheurs de perles' (Bizet).flac 04. Hidden Love (Grieg - Bjørnson-Argamakov).flac 05. Im Frühling (Wolf - Mörike).flac 06. Der Knabe und das Immlein (Wolf - Mörike).flac 07. Serenade (R. Strauss - Schack).flac 08. Liebeshymnus' (R. Strauss - Henckell).flac

MP3: 64 kbps – 320kbps. (Compiled from various sources on the internet – all not for commercial distribution)01. Azra (Rubinstein - Heine-M.Tchaikovsky).mp3 02. Burned letter (Cui - Pushkin).mp3 03. Desire (Cui - Pushkin).mp3 04. Don't sing, my beauty (Rachmaninov - Pushkin).mp3 05. I recall a magical moment (Glinka - Pushkin).mp3 06. I walk upon the arid steppe (Grechaninov - Plescheev).mp3 07. I wanted to spend some time with you (Grechaninov - Plescheev).mp3 08. I'm here Inezilya (Glinka - Pushkin).mp3 09. My dear, my wonderful (Pototski).mp3 10. Pimpinela (Tchaikovsky).mp3 11. The Heavy Clouds Disperse (Rimsky-Korsakov - Pushkin).mp3 12. The nymph (Rimsky-Korsakov - Maikov).mp3 13. The skylark (Glinka - Kukolnikov).mp3 14. To zither (Glinka).mp3 15. Why (Tchaikovsky - Mei).mp3 16. Sleeping lake (Kuprevich - Gorokhov).mp3 17. The Peddlers (Prigozhi - Nekrasov).mp3 18. Volga's waves are high (Terentiev - Zharov).mp3 19. Smith's Serenade from 'La jolie fille de Perth' (Bizet - Bernatsky).mp3 20. Leoncavallo 'I Pagliacci' Arlecchino's serenade.mp3 21. Rimsky-Korsakov's 'The Golden Cockerel' 1st scene with Astrologer (w. Korolev & Polyakova).mp3 22. Rimsky-Korsakov's 'The Golden Cockerel' 2nd scene with Astrologer (w. Korolev & Kadinskaya).mp3 23. Rimsky-Korsakov's 'The Golden Cockerel' 2nd scene with Astrologer (w. Korolev & Polyakova).mp3 24. Rimsky-Korsakov's 'The Golden Cockerel' Epilogue and entrance of the Astrologer).mp3 25. Rimsky-Korsakov's 'The Golden Cockerel' Prologue and entrance of the Astrologer.mp3 26. Interview with Genady Pischaev (in Russian).mp3

Leoncavallo 'I Pagliacci' - Samosud 1955 (in Russian) with Genady Pischaev as Beppe I'm will post it right after I post this.

OS Message # 68372 has working links to complete 1962 performance of Rimsky-Korsakov's `The Golden Cockerel' with Genady Pischaev.

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