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CD93101 Chamber Music from Prison, Ostrava 17.11.2011

CD93101 Chamber Music from Prison, Ostrava 17.11.2011
CD93101 Chamber Music from Prison, Ostrava 17.11.2011
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CD93101 Chamber Music from Prison, Ostrava 17.11.2011

17 November is now a Czech national holiday commemorating the Velvet Revolution that ended the Communist Regime in 1989. It is a day that remembers political prisoners and a day when the president often grant pardons and anmesties. Maybe that's why Czech Radio in Ostrava had the idea of a chamber orchestra concert from a prison in Ostrava where several famous dissidents, including Vaclav Havel, were once imprisoned.

This concert was transmitted live from the Hermanice prison near Ostrava and featured the Janácek Chamber Orchestra consisting of about a dozen members (Jakub Cernohorský conductor) and young soprano Veronika Holbová, who is still a student but already with a great deal of experience performing in public. Program moderator is Renáta Spisarová-Kotík. Music includes Hungarian composer Leo Weiner's Divertimento No. 1 (tracks 2-4); Vivaldi's "Sposa son disprezzata" (Bajazet) and "Domine Deus" (Gloria) (tracks 6 & 7); Bartók's Romanian Folk Dances (track 9); Handel's "Rejoice Greatly" (The Messiah) (track 14); and Grieg's Holberg Suite (tracks 16-20). The nine-member prison chorus also sing two numbers (tracks 11 & 12).

Tracks spoken in Czech with no music are 1, 5, 8, 10, 13, 15 and 21.

Recorded from internet stream (192 kbps) to wav; then converted to mp3 (224 kbps). One file for each selection. TT: 80 minutesTrack list:

01 Spoken introduction 02-04 Leo Winer: Old Hungarian Dances 05 Introuction of soprano Veronika Holbová 06 Vivaldi: Sposa son disprezzata (Bajazet) 07 Vivaldi: Domine Deus (Gloria) 08 Talk about Janácek Chamber Orchestra 09 Bartók: Romanian Folk Dances 10 Introduction of prison chorus 11 Ola Roma (4-voice song in Roma [Gypsy] language) 12 Bortniansky; Tibya payom (Orthodox hymn) 13 Interview with two prisoners in the chorus 14 Handel: Rejoice Greatly (The Messiah) 15 Moderator's Goodbye 16-20 Grieg: Holberg Suite 21 Final comments

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