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CD92770 MANON (audio only) Modena 1962 - FRENI, GARAVENTA, BRUSON /

CD92770 MANON (audio only) Modena 1962 - FRENI, GARAVENTA, BRUSON /
CD92770 MANON (audio only) Modena 1962 - FRENI, GARAVENTA, BRUSON /
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CD92770 MANON (audio only) Modena 1962 - FRENI, GARAVENTA, BRUSON /

MANON (audio only) Modena 1962 - FRENI, GARAVENTA, BRUSON / MAAG

But that doesn't change anything in the fact that Bruson had his debut in this role as well as in Modena in 1966, so it hardly can be from an earlier date.


--- In, "koloalso" wrote: > > Here is an audio extracted from the recently uploaded Manon video with Freni and Garaventa. > > The orchestral prelude and the final 50 seconds have been patched in from the 1969 La Scala performance, also with Freni and Peter Maag conducting. The prelude splice has a glitch due to a cut in Modena which was not taken in Milan--it passes quickly. This repair would not have been necessary if I had known of the missing .005 file, but everything else was in fine condition so I will not redo it. Once past the very poor chorus this is a wonderful performance in excellent sound for the era. > > There have been disputes about the date of this performance, but > after looking through both Freni's and Bruson's career dates, and also noting Freni's physical appearance in the video (so like the early 60s London aria recital cover photograph) and her still very > rudimentary acting skills, not to mention the black and white RAI > film format, very much in the style of their films of the 1950s, > that I think only the 1962 date is plausible, and it could be even > earlier. By 1966 Freni was a major international star. She had > trimmed down a certain "pudginess" visible here by the time of her > 1965 Met debut. Possibly it was broadcast in 1966, but I cannot > believe the film was made as late as that. Perhaps someone has access to the archives of the Teatro Communale in Modena and can give a firm date. > > Jules Massenet > MANON > (sung in Italian) > > Manon - Mirella Freni > Des Grieux - Ottavio Garaventa > Lescaut - Renato Bruson > Il Conte de Grieux - Federico Davia > Guillot - Mario Carlin > Bretigny - Andrea Mineo > Una fante - Carla Lodesani > > Orchestra e Coro dei Tearri Emiliani Associati > maestro del coro: Giampaolo Dondi > conducted by > PETER MAAG > > Teatro Communale, Modena > RAI Registrazione del 1962 > > The audio files were extracted from the video as wav files, the > level brought up somewhat with Goldwave; burned cds were then > ripped at VBR-0 224-320 kbps with cue sheets. > The link is:

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