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CD91872 Lully: Roland Jacobs '94

CD91872 Lully: Roland Jacobs '94
CD91872 Lully: Roland Jacobs '94
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CD91872 Lully: Roland Jacobs '94 Lully: Roland Opera de Montpellier February 1994 In house Recording

Ann Panagulias – Angelique/La Gloire Veronique Gens – Themire/La Fee Edwige Bourdy – Belise Claire Brua – Logistille Catherine Napoli – Une Amante Contente/Une Suivante d'Angelique Francoise Masset – Une Amante Contente Anne-Marie Jacquin – Coryphee Rebecca Ockenden – Coryphee Laurent Naouri – Roland Harry Nicoll – Medor Gilles Ragon – Astolphe/Coridon Rufus Muller – Tersandre Olivier Lalouette – Ziliante/Demogorgon Olivier Dumait/Robert Getchell/Euken Ostoloaza/Laurent Slaars – Les Insulaires Bruno Blanchet – Un Suivant d'Angelique Charles Saillofest – Coryphe

Concerto Koeln Choeur du Theatre des Champs-Elysees Maitrise du Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles

Rene Jacobs – conductor

As New York is preparing to be gripped by Lully-fever (with the arrival of the production of Atys by Les Arts Florissants), I was discussing this upload with someone who was completely unable to locate it via Yahoo or Google searches. Therefore I have renewed the Rapidshare links and am reposting it.

This is an exceptionally rare souvenir of the only Lully opera Jacobs has ever conducted and the only French Baroque work until Platee this season in Amsterdam. My recollection is that this production was widely considered to not be a success and a rumored recording never took place. However, upon listening, I find it a very persuasive performance of one of my favorite Lully operas!

The original tapes (acquired in a trade from a friend) said that the title role was sung by Jose van Dam who did perform the role in Paris, but listening to the performance, it was clear to me that it was NOT van Dam; it sounded to me more like Laurent Naouri. Some Googling turned up that the production moved from Paris to Montpellier a few months later and indeed it is Naouri as Roland.


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