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CD90840 La Magicienne (Montpellier, 11.VII.2011) in WAV-FLAC

CD90840 La Magicienne (Montpellier, 11.VII.2011) in WAV-FLAC
CD90840 La Magicienne (Montpellier, 11.VII.2011) in WAV-FLAC
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CD90840 La Magicienne (Montpellier, 11.VII.2011) in WAV-FLAC

I do not know what has gone wrong between RapidShare and me, but immediately after the problems with the Traviata-upload I discovered that something had gone wrong with the Magicienne-upload too. As both problems are a result of (probably) an inconsistent upload, I suspect they originate from a very recent update of the RapidShare Manager, so I shall start by re-installing that program before the re-upload of the Traviata-file. Here again is anyway the second upload of a a broadcast by the Dutch radio of La Magicienne by Halévy (at least what has been performed of the total score of this 'grand opéra') in WAV-FLAC-files, spread over two cd's (with cue sheets).

Fromental Halévy, La Magicienne

Opéra en 5 actes sur un livret de Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges crée en 1858

Norah Amsellem, Soprano, Blanche Marianne Crebassa, Mezzo-soprano, Mélusine Florian Laconi, Ténor, René de Thouars Marc Barrard, Baryton, Stello de Nici – Le Pélerin Nicolas Cavallier, Basse, Le Comte de Poitou Jennifer Michel, Soprano, Aloïs Une dame, Mezzo-soprano, NN

Chœur de Radio France Matthias Brauer, Chef de chœur Orchestre National de Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon Lawrence Foster, Direction David Zobel, Chef de chant

Concert donné à l'Opéra Berlioz-Le Corum de Montpellier en simultané avec l'Union Européenne de Radio-Télévision (UER). En coproduction avec l'Opéra de Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon & le Festival de Radio France et Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon


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