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CD90243 Les Huguenots from Brussels in wav-flac

CD90243  Les Huguenots from Brussels in wav-flac
CD90243 Les Huguenots from Brussels in wav-flac
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CD90243 Les Huguenots from Brussels in wav-flac

Let us be happy that one of the most important productions of our time got a decent broadcast! I recorded the broadcast by the Flemish Radio (Klara) from the digital and also from the analogue channel, compared them and finally decided in favor of the digital broadcast. When editing the sound I removed some clicks, created a little more space between the acts and made some other adjustments, but without touching the sound or the music. Also I managed to prepare an upload with the music at maximum level without distortion of the ff and tutti-moments. The only thing we have to take for granted is the production, sometimes noisy, but also with solo instruments on staged ('in the sets'), resulting in strange acoustical effects (for instance in Raoul's romance 'Plus blanche que la blanche hermine' in the first act). I have divided the opera over four cd's (Act I - Act II - Act III - Act IV & V) with cue sheets. Of course the main reason for this upload is to provide wav-flac-files for all the members who want to create a reel, full cd-sound. This time I managed to give you the complete opera with the cd's clearly separated after unzipping, but to be sure there are no misunderstandings, I include the quick guide' I already gave you last week. And I have borrowed (with my compliments) the complete cast Marius has provided, adding the date of the recording.

Gioacomo Meyerbeer Les Huguenots, 1836 nouvelle production, Bruxelles 19-VI-2011

Opéra en cinq actes sur un livret d'Eugène Scribe & Émile Deschamps Creation à la Salle Le Peletier à Paris, le 29 février1836

Direction musicale ¦ Marc Minkowski Mise en scène ¦ Olivier Py Décors ¦ Pierre-André Weitz Costumes ¦ Pierre-André Weitz Éclairages ¦ Bertrand Killy Direction des chœurs ¦ Martino Faggiani Marguerite de Valois ¦ Marlis Petersen Valentine ¦ Mireille Delunsch Urbain ¦ Yulia Lezhneva Raoul de Nangis ¦ Eric Cutler Comte de Saint-Bris ¦ Philippe Rouillon Comte de Nevers ¦ Jean-François Lapointe De Retz ¦ Arnaud Rouillon Marcel ¦ Jérôme Varnier Cossé ¦ Xavier Rouillon Tavannes ¦ Avi Klemberg Thoré ¦ Marc Labonnette Méru ¦ Frédéric Caton Dame d honneur ¦ Camille Merckx Une coryphée ¦ Tineke Van Ingelgem Deux bohémiennes ¦ Camille Merckx Tineke Van Ingelgem Maurevert ¦ Ronan Collett Bois-Rosé ¦ Olivier Dumait Un Valet ¦ Marc Coulon Un archer du guet ¦ Jacques Does Etudiant catholique ¦ Alain-Pierre Wingelinckx Un moine ¦ Olivier Dumait, Ronan Collett, Charles Dekeyser Deux jeunes filles catholiques (couple 1) ¦ Marta Beretta, Françoise Renson Deux jeunes filles catholiques (couple 2) ¦ Adrienne Visser, Birgitte Bønding Trois Coryphées ¦ Bernard Giovani, Alain-Pierre Wingelinckx, Pascal Macou Orchestre ¦ Orchestre symphonique et chœurs de la Monnaie


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