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CD89998 Le Cid [Massenet] Alagna, Uria-Monzon; Marseille, 1

CD89998 Le Cid [Massenet] Alagna, Uria-Monzon; Marseille, 1
CD89998 Le Cid [Massenet] Alagna, Uria-Monzon; Marseille, 1
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CD89998 Le Cid [Massenet] Alagna, Uria-Monzon; Marseille, 1

I have deleted and will reupload disc 2, it seems that something went wrong and it was giving an error in un-zipping. Due to the fact that uploading is a very slow process, it will most probably be available tomorrow.

----- Original Message ----

Here you have the recording of the live broadcast from Mezzo tv, SD. I should warn you that the performance was rather boring and somehow dissapointing to me,

both in vocal and scenic aspects. The production is conservative and pretty much

un-imaginative, while the performers seemed to me less than adequate for their parts and not in their best vocal form. Still, it is a document of a very rarely

presented opera, with a lot of very interesting music. Unfortunately, a very nice piece, the ballet, was cut. I recorded it from digital CATV to an HDD-dvd-recorder, than split it in several parts. The whole broadcast was about 3 hours long, with one long [some 30 min] intermission and a few shorter [5-10 minutes] ones that were necessary for the changing of the scenery. I tried to preserve the maximum quality and, as the opera would not fit onto 2 discs, I spread it on 3, keeping all the intermission features. that include interviews with the two leads, the conductor, the manager and Frederic Mitterand, the Minister of Culture, present for the ocasion. But I re-arranged them to fit better, so the first disc has only the fisrt scene, about 25 min, and the long intermission; the second has the rest of the first part [rest of act 1 and act 2]; the third has the rest [acts 3 and 4]. The 3 dvd-video folders were zipped and uploaded each in a single file. The opera has French subtitles [a transcription of the text, very useful for those who can understand and do not have the libretto]; the intermissions have English subtitles; neither are 100% complete.

Le Cid, de Jules Massenet

Roberto Alagna (Rodrigue), Béatrice Uria-Monzon (Chimène), Kimy McLaren (L'infante), Francesco Ellero d'Artegna (Don Diègue), Franco Pomponi (Le roi),

Orchestre Philharmonique de Marseille, Jacques Lacombe (direction) Charles Roubaud (mise en scène)

17 June 2011

[complete cast in the credits]

*** VIDEO INFO *** Input Type : YV12(RAW) Input Size : 720 x 576 Output Type : YV12 Output Size : 720 x 576 FrameRate(Frame/sec) : 0.00 (25.00) PAL

*** AUDIO INFO *** SampleRate(Sample/sec) : 48000 BitRate(Bit/sample) : 16 Channels : 2 KBitRate(KBit/sec) : 256 AC3

BitRate(Bit/sample) : 5MB/s, variable.

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