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CD89900 COMPLETE RING - Hannover 2009-2011

CD89900 COMPLETE RING - Hannover 2009-2011
CD89900 COMPLETE RING - Hannover 2009-2011
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CD89900 COMPLETE RING - Hannover 2009-2011

thanks to a member who told me that I was mistaken about some cast members of Rheingold, you can find the correct cast now below.

here's the complete Hannover Ring once again, with new links for Rheingold, 'cause they've expired meanwhile. All recordings are from NDR-Kultur via satellite at 320 kbps. > Richard Wagner Das Rheingold Staatsoper Hannover, 14. Nov. 2009

Wotan: Renatus Mészár (singing) / Tobias Schabel (acting) Donner: Jin-Ho Yoo Froh: Young-Hoon Heo Loge: Robert Künzli Alberich: Stefan Adam Mime: Torsten Hofmann Fasolt: Albert Pesendorfer Fafner: Young Myoung Kwon Fricka: Khatuna Mikaberidze Freia: Arantxa Armentia Erda: Okka von der Damerau Woglinde: Nicole Chevalier Wellgunde: Julia Faylenbogen Flosshilde: Mareike Morr

Niedersächsisches Staatsorchester Hannover Ltg.: Wolfgang Bozic

Richard Wagner > WALKÜRE > Hannover, 23. May 2010 > > Siegmund: Vincent Wolfsteiner > Hunding: Albert Pesendorfer > Wotan: Robert Bork > Sieglinde: Kelly God > Brünnhilde: Brigitte Hahn > Fricka: Khatuna Mikaberidze > Helmwige: Arantxa Armentia > Gerhilde: Karen Frankenstein > Ortlinde: Carmen Fuggiss > Waltraute: Monika Walerowicz > Siegrune: Mareike Morr > Roßweiße: Julia Faylenbogen > Grimgerde: Valentina Kutzarova > Schwertleite: Sandra Fechner > > Musikalische Leitung: Wolfgang Bozic > Inszenierung Barrie Kosky > Bühnenbild Klaus Grünberg > Kostüme Klaus Bruns > Dramaturgie Ulrich Lenz > > In the intermission you can hear interviews (all in German) with Vincent Wolfsteiner, Kelly God, Robert Bork and Brigitte Hahn, in the backstage programme with Kosky and several singers, also some excerpts from the rehearsals.

Richard Wagner > „Siegfried" > Staatsoper Hannover, April 17. 2011 > > Siegfried: Robert Künzli > Mime: Johannes Preißinger > Wanderer: Béla Perencz > Alberich: Frank Schneiders > Fafner: Albert Pesendorfer > Erda: Julie-Marie Sundal > Brünnhilde: Brigitte Hahn > Stimme des Waldvogels: Hinako Yoshikawa > > Niedersächsisches Staatsorchester Hannover > Ltg.: Wolfgang Bozic > > The intermission programmes contain an essay about "Helden" as well as interviews with Kosky, Künzli, Perencz and others more, all in German.

Richard Wagner > „Die Götterdämmerung" > Staatsoper Hannover, 12. June 2011 > > Siegfried: Robert Künzli > Gunther: Brian Davis > Alberich: Frank Schneiders > Hagen: Albert Pesendorfer > Brünnhilde: Brigitte Hahn > Gutrune: Kelly God > Waltraute: Monika Walerowicz > 1. Norn: Julie-Marie Sundal > 2. Norn: Mareike Morr > 3. Norn: Dorothea Maria Marx > Woglinde: Carmen Fuggiss > Wellgunde: Mareike Morr > Floßhilde: Julie-Marie Sundal > > Niedersächsisches Staatsorchester Hannover > Chor der Staatsoper Hannover > Ltg.: Wolfgang Bozic > > In the first intermisseion you can hear critical statements about Wagner and his work from well-known critics, other composers ..., in the second the Ring is regarded under the aspects of world myths; both intermissions also contain short interviews with the conductor (all in German).


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