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CD89791 Complete Bayreuth 1997 Ring

CD89791 Complete Bayreuth 1997 Ring
CD89791 Complete Bayreuth 1997 Ring
Item# CD89791

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CD89791 Complete Bayreuth 1997 Ring

I thought members might appreciate a reload of this 1997 Bayreuth broadcast ring. The first two operas had been deleted from rapidshare, and while the last two were uploaded earlier this year they were split into several files and I have here uploaded them as one file per act. Tim

Richard Wagner Das Rheingold Bayreuth Festival - 27 July 1997 Production and Staging: Alfred Kirchner

Wotan: John Tomlinson Donner: John Wegner Froh: Richard Brunner Loge: Siegfried Jerusalem Fricka: Hanna Schwarz Freia: Nina Stemme Erda: Birgitta Svendén Alberich: Ekkehard Wlaschiha Mime: Manfred Jung Fasolt: René Pape Fafner: Eric Halfvarson Woglinde: Joyce Guyer Wellgunde: Sarah Fryer Flosshilde: Jane Turner Orchestra of the Bayreuth Festival Cond. James Levine

DIE WALKÜRE Bayreuth, 28. Juli 1997

Siegmund: Poul Elming

Wotan: John Tomlinson

Hunding: Hans Sotin

Sieglinde: Tina Kiberg

Fricka: Hanna Schwarz

Brünnhilde: Deborah Polaski

Gerhilde: Anne Schwanewilms

Ortlinde: Mary Lloyd-Davies

Waltraute: Yvonne Naef

Schwertleite: Andrea Bönig

Helmwige: Frances Ginzer

Siegrune: Jane Turner

Grimgerde: Birgitta Svendén

Roßweiße: Anne Wilkens

Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele

James Levine

Siegfried July 30, 1997 Siegfried Wolfgang Schmidt Mime Manfred Jung Der Wanderer John Tomlinson Alberich Ekkehard Wlaschiha Fafner Eric Halfvarson Erda Birgitta Svendén Brünnhilde Deborah Polaski Waldvogel Joyce Guyer

Gotterdammerung August 1, 1997 Siegfried Wolfgang Schmidt Gunther Falk Struckmann Hagen Eric Halfvarson Alberich Ekkehard Wlaschiha Brünnhilde Deborah Polaski Gutrune Anne Schwanewilms Waltraute Hanna Schwarz 1. Norn Birgitta Svendén 2. Norn Yvonne Naef 3. Norn Frances Ginzer Woglinde Joyce Guyer Wellgunde Sarah Fryer Floßhilde Jane Turner


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