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CD89753 Rosenkavalier, Covent Garden 1966

CD89753 Rosenkavalier, Covent Garden 1966
CD89753 Rosenkavalier, Covent Garden 1966
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CD89753 Rosenkavalier, Covent Garden 1966

This performance was recorded on April 26, 1966, but only broadcast on October 30, 1966. It was broadcast in mono, but evidently the BBC recorded it in stereo, since in 1997 during a `From the Archives' broadcast they included portions of this performance. Thus what is uploaded here is a compilation of decent AM mono and excellent FM stereo – approximately the final 20 mins of acts 1 and 3 are in stereo. One can only hope that some day the complete stereo tape sees the light of day. This run of Rosenkavaliers was Jurinac's debut as the Marschallin, with the first performance on April 21. Enjoy Tim

Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier - 26 April 1966 Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London Conductor Georg Solti

Cast The Feldmarschallin Sena Jurinac Octavian Josephine Veasey Black Page to the Princess Winston Brown The Princess's Footman Clifford Starr The Princess's Footman Wilfred Jones The Princess's Footman David Winnard The Princess's Footman Stanley Cooper Baron Ochs auf Lerchenau Michael Langdon Major-Domo to the Princess Malcolm Campbell A Noble Widow Nada Pobjoy Noble Orphan Jean Cross Noble Orphan Phyllis Aver Noble Orphan Marybelle Oakes A Milliner Anne Finley An Animal Seller Daniel McCoshan A Hairdresser Doreen Robertson An Attorney Dennis Wicks Valzacchi an Intriguer John Dobson Annina his accomplice Yvonne Minton A Tenor Kenneth MacDonald A Flute Player Ernest Rosser Leopold George Macpherson Herr von Faninal Ronald Lewis Sophie his daughter Joan Carlyle Marianne Leitmetzerin Margaret Kingsley Major-Domo to Faninal Arthur Cobbin Baron Ochs' Retinue (Almoner) Keith Raggett Baron Ochs' Retinue Charles Morris Baron Ochs' Retinue Glynne Thomas Baron Ochs' Retinue Andrew Sellars A Doctor Ignatius McFadyen A Landlord Robert Bowman Waiter Keith Raggett Waiter Alan Jones A Commissioner of Police Eric Garrett

The Covent Garden Opera Chorus & Orchestra, Students of Tollington Park Secondary School

BBC Radio broadcast, 320kps stereo


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