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CD89255 Toscanini Oct 29, 1939 Amazing Sound

CD89255 Toscanini Oct 29, 1939 Amazing Sound
CD89255 Toscanini Oct 29, 1939 Amazing Sound
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CD89255 Toscanini Oct 29, 1939 Amazing Sound

mono flacs

Toscanini NBC Sym Studio 8-H Oct 29, 1938

Bach Brandenburg Concerto # 2 Haydn Sym # 31 Tchaikovsky Sym # 6 The source?

The announcements are from an AM Aircheck.The Music? Either from the same aircheck or the WRVR rebroadcast of the early 60s. No one can tell. But it is truly amazing sound from 1938 and much better than the Naxos CD. It is the top source floating around the Toscanini underground


The Venue is 8-H before the shell was added. You got a problem? Stop listening to myths. Toscanini loved 8H because he could hear everything, just like reading the score. He refused to play in the Manhattan Center due to the excessive reverb where he could hear nothing. Nobody , except the Maestro seems to say abd things about The Manhattan Center yet many recordings were and still made there. Let us leave such opinions to the musical Geniuses.

Bernard Baker plays some of the trumpet part of the Bach an octave down. There is a question as to why he left NBC in 1942. Bad lip or displeasing The Maestro

After the first season of NBC , The Maestro told NBC to replace the horn and trombone sections that Rodzinski picked. So NBC went to Philadelphia and stole their principal horn and two section horns that happened to have been their principal's brother. According to Harry Berv the new third horn, NBC offered them 5 times their Philly salary to move. For the trombone principal they chose former Philly Principal Gardell Simons. The second trombone is unknown to me and the new bass bone was a young Allan Ostrander. The now joined Bill Bell as the NBC low brass. Incidentally, in 1946, the horn and trombone section of the NY Phil , that Rodzinski picked had to be fired. They went back to Philly and stole their Principal Horn, James Chambers and associate trombone. Gordon Pulis. The principal trombone that was fired in each instance was the same man, Armand Ruta

In 1938, Toscanini , after over 30 years of not playing the PIT Pathetique returned to it. Perhaps he was distracted as to its worth due to the fact that he had to listen to lesser conductors and faux Musicians tear it to shreds. Some because they have no clue what it means nor how to get it so present what it COULD mean and some because they are better Composers than Poor Peter, know better than he what he meant and re-compose it for him on the podium.After the 1938 performance, available on Guild, Toscanini wrote his mistress that he had "Revealed " the Pathetique to the World. And it remained in his repertoire till his retirement

NBC Principals 1938-39 The Second Season

Mischakoff Concertmaster Ed Bachman Seconds Carlton Cooley Viola Osvaldo Mazzuchi Cello Philip Sklar Bass

John Wummer Flute Robert Bloom Oboe Augustin Duques Clarinet William Polisi Faggot

Arthur Berv Horn Bernard Baker Trumpet Gardell Simons Trombone Bill Bell Tuba

Karl Glassman Timpani Edward Vito Harp

Enjoy the Music that has been lie berated from the "Audio"



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