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CD88632 Caballe's Lucrezia Borgia, NYC, 1965

CD88632 Caballe's Lucrezia Borgia, NYC, 1965
CD88632 Caballe's Lucrezia Borgia, NYC, 1965
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CD88632 Caballe's Lucrezia Borgia, NYC, 1965

Claudio Tesdeco asked for a re-upload of the legendary Lucrezia Borgia given by the American Opera Society in Carnegie Hall on April 20, 1965--a performance which was both Montserrat Caballe's U. S. debut and her decisive break-through to international celebrity.

As far as I can tell from the archives, there has been only one posting of the performance--made by eagarciadeparedes on April 24, 2007 (message #29905). Because some members had difficulties with the length of the names he had assigned the two links, he redid both and posted them the next day in message #29966.

Taking the two folders he provided, I've combined them into a single ZIP of 143 MB for this re-uploading:

Here are the performance details:

Donizetti Lucrezia Borgia.

Lucrezia Borgia: Montserrat Caballe. Gennaro: Alain Vanzo. Don Alfonso: Kostas Paskalis. Maffio Orsini: Jane BerbiŤ. Rustighello: Mauro Lampi. Geppo Liverotto: Jerold Siena. Son Apostolo Gazzella: Vern Shinall. Ascanio Petruci: William Wiederanders. Oloferno Vitelozo: Louis D. Clements. Gubetta: Adib Fazah, Astolfo: Arnold Voketaitis.

Conductor: Jonel Perlea.

American Opera Society Carnegie Hall, New York April 20, 1965.

[I removed the accent marks from 'Caballe' and 'Vanzo' to avoid transcription anomalies.]

Having had the great good fortune to be at this performance, I'd like to say that the description 'legendary' is no empty cliche when applied to it. My friend, the late William Seward, a vocal authority and record collector of considerable note, had secured two box seats and kindly invited me to join him for the occasion. In the first finale, when Caballe began her celebrated pianissimo float (was it an A?), Bill leaned forward and lightly squeezed my arm; and he continued to do so with ever greater pressure until she finally released the note some 20 seconds later. It wasn't until I went to bed that night that I saw that the outer side of my upper arm was covered with a luridly colored bruise. It lasted only a week, but I cherish its memory to this day as the very first time I was 'wounded' by the beauty of this extraordinary singer's voice.


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