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CD88575 Complete broadcast Bayreuth ring 1967.

CD88575 Complete broadcast Bayreuth ring 1967.
CD88575 Complete broadcast Bayreuth ring 1967.
Item# CD88575

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CD88575 Complete broadcast Bayreuth ring 1967.

Theo Adam. No doubt about it.



On Apr 13, 2011, at 6:53 AM, Koloalso wrote:

> An enormous thank-you to Tim for this upload. These performances had been a > subject of requests and discussions on the site quite a while ago and nothing > emerged, and now here they all are! > > It is curious that the Bayreuth programs site on the net does not make clear > whether the Rheingold Wotan is sung by Theo Adam or Thomas Stewart as for the > most part they indicate clearly the dates on which alternate singers performed. > I have not listened yet but a few opinions would be helpful in deciding. The > late 60s were blessed by having two superb Wotans available for Ring > performances. > > FK > Hi everyone > > This is an unusual upload as so far as I know it is the only time that one ring > cycle was split between two conductors at Bayreuth. Bohm who had conducted the > ring in 1965 and 1966, only conducted Walkure and Gotterdammerung, most likely > because Philips was completing their recording of the entire cycle with those > two operas, having recorded Rheingold and Siegfried in 1966. The entire cycle > was broadcast by Bavarian Radio around the world and these uploads come from a > Japanese relay by NHK. A comparison with the Philips issue of Walkure and GD > shows that they evidently patched certain parts from rehearsals. > > All except Rheingold are 256k stereo. The Rheingold is 160kps mono. There was a > mistake with GD act 2, as the version in the zip file is flat. I reloaded it at > the right pitch as a separate file.

Das Rheingold > July 22, 1967 > Conductor Otmar Suitner > > Wotan Theo Adam > Thomas Stewart > Donner Gerd Nienstedt > Froh Hermin Esser > Loge Wolfgang Windgassen > Fasolt Karl Ridderbusch > Fafner Kurt Böhme > Alberich Gustav Neidlinger > Mime Erwin Wohlfahrt > Fricka Annelies Burmeister > Freia Anja Silja > Erda Marga Höffgen > Woglinde Dorothea Siebert > Wellgunde Helga Dernesch > Floßhilde Sieglinde Wagner > > Die Walküre > July 23, 1967 > Conductor Karl Böhm > > Siegmund James King > Hunding Gerd Nienstedt > Wotan Theo Adam > Sieglinde Leonie Rysanek > Brünnhilde Birgit Nilsson > Fricka Annelies Burmeister > Gerhilde Danica Mastilovic > Ortlinde Helga Dernesch > Waltraute Gertraud Hopf > Schwertleite Sieglinde Wagner > Helmwige Liane Synek > Siegrune Annelies Burmeister > Grimgerde Elisabeth Schärtel > Rossweisse Sona Cervená > > Siegfried > July 25, 1967 > Conductor Otmar Suitner > > Siegfried Wolfgang Windgassen > Mime Erwin Wohlfahrt > Der Wanderer Theo Adam > Alberich Gustav Neidlinger > Fafner Kurt Böhme > Erda Marga Höffgen > Brünnhilde Birgit Nilsson > Waldvogel Erika Köth > > Götterdämmerung > July 27 1967 > Conductor Karl Böhm > > Siegfried Wolfgang Windgassen > Gunther Thomas Stewart > Hagen Josef Greindl > Alberich Gustav Neidlinger > Brünnhilde Birgit Nilsson > Gutrune Ludmila Dvoráková > Waltraute Martha Mödl > 1. Norn Marga Höffgen > 2. Norn Annelies Burmeister > 3. Norn Anja Silja > Woglinde Dorothea Siebert > Wellgunde Helga Dernesch > Floßhilde Sieglinde Wagner


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