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CD87789 Julien by Charpentier - Dortmund 2001

CD87789 Julien by Charpentier - Dortmund 2001
CD87789 Julien by Charpentier - Dortmund 2001
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CD87789 Julien by Charpentier - Dortmund 2001

Here is the sequel of Louise. A recording of this work has already been uploaded on OS in 2009, but the links are no longer active. I wish to make clear that this upload is not a copy of the previous one. This is my own recording, taped from a satellite source that I propose today. The first performance of Julien took place at the Opera-Comique of Paris, in 1913, a very bad time for theater. The Met performed it one year later with Caruso. No doubt that World War I has stopped the career of that work, never performed since these first years, until the revival of Dortmund. I'd like to provide a synopsis, but unfortunatelly, I don't have any one. If someone has one it'll be appreciated. The only thing I can say is that on the contrary of Louise the subject has nothing to do with naturalism. Charpentier has totally changed his style steered this time towards symbolism and poetry, as the titles he gave to each act prove it : act 1 : in the known country dream act 2 : Doubt act 3 : Powerlessness act 4 : Drunkeness Theorically, the opera is sung in original French, but don't bother if you don't understand. Natives don't understand any more. Just listen to the music, that's the main interest of this recording. Very good sound, bitrate 256 Kbps.

Gustave Charpentier JULIEN ou la vie du poète

Norbert Schittberg : Julien Barbara Dobrzanska : Louise/la Beauté/la Jeune Fille/l'Aïeule/la Fille Karl-Heinz Lehner : le Père de Louise/le Hiérophante/le Paysan/ le Mage Sonia Borowski-Tudor : la Mere de Louise/la Paysanne Jeff Martin : l'Acolyte/le Travailleur/l'Etudiant/l'Officiant

Chœurs du Théâtre de Dortmund Orchestre Philharmonique de Dortmund Direction Axel Kober Dortmund, 10 mai et 13 juin 2001

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