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CD86664 Hinge and Bracket

CD86664 Hinge and Bracket
CD86664 Hinge and Bracket
Item# CD86664

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CD86664 Hinge and Bracket

These wonderful singers/actors (Hinge and Bracket) filled an important gap in the operatic and Lieder recital world ;-) Does anyone have recordings of some of their radio or TV shows?

About twelve years ago a friend and I did a Hinge and Bracket style turn called Screw and Driver (except that my friend remained resolutley baritone while I scaled the heights of alto-mezzo). Some of the videos can be seen here:

The best of the bunch is probably the cat duet.... but Dame Gabrielle Screw's (ie my) Land of Hope and Glory is quite amusing too.

On a completely different tack, while I was waiting for all my selected downloads via this group to complete yesterday (thanks to all :-)) I used the time most fruitfully by performing some Ukrainian choral church music. My Ukrainian pronunciation is by no means perfect but the effect is quite pleasant, possibly my most effective one-man choir endeavour to date(?). If interested, you can hear the results here:


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