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CD86403 Nathalie Dessay as Lucie de Lammermoor (VIDEO)

CD86403 Nathalie Dessay as Lucie de Lammermoor (VIDEO)
CD86403 Nathalie Dessay as Lucie de Lammermoor (VIDEO)
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CD86403 Nathalie Dessay as Lucie de Lammermoor (VIDEO)

Two members informed me that they could not watch the second half of the Dessay-Lucia and this disturned me very much, as I am raving about it. Happily one of them kingly wrote me later to inform me that the problem only occurred when watching the opera on the pc. When it was burned on a dvd, there was no problem anymore!!! This confirms my own experience after downloading, joining, unzipping and burning the whole opera myself (and that took some time...). Butit also generates a request to all downloaders, especially when it concerns a of ˜big" upload: please do not start reacting immediately that something is ˜wrong". It took me a lot of time to download and check everything by myself, and all this time has been waisted. I know that at least one member is waiting for a VIDEO_TS-upload of ˜Marius et Fanny", but that one had to be postponed by all this "trouble"... pajko

At last Mezzo has given us the complete Lucie de Lammermoor that was recorded in Lyon in January 2002 with Nathalie Dessay. During the run in the theatre there had been a double cast. During half of the performances Dessay had been partnered by the Korean tenor Sebastian Na and the other were sung by Patricia Ciofi and Roberto Alagna. Both casts were recorded for television, but only the one with Ciofi and Alagna was shown and afterwards released on dvd, probably because of the somewhat disappointing Edgar of Sebastian Na.

I recorded the opera (widescreen 16:9 and stereo, 2.19 hours) from digital cable to a dvd recorder, split it up in three acts and and copied these with slight compression of the picture to a dvd. Apart from a few small (visual) distortions the quality is excellent, although I am not really excited by the sound myself, as I have the strong feeling that it was compressed by Mezzo (not by me!). The upload contains the whole dvd as a VIDEO_TS-file, ready to burn, with French subtitles.

Donizetti: Lucie de Lammermoor

Lucie Ashton - Nathalie Dessay Edgard Ravenswood - Sebastian Na Henry Ashton - Ludovic Tezier Sir Arthur - Marc Laho Raymond - Nicoals Cavallier Gilbert - Yves Saelens Opéra National de Lyon Conductor: Evelino Pido

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