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CD85105 Havergal Brian; The Cenci: London 1997

CD85105 Havergal Brian; The Cenci: London 1997
CD85105 Havergal Brian; The Cenci: London 1997
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CD85105 Havergal Brian; The Cenci: London 1997

Roger asked me to have a go at re-doing this interesting upload marred by some technical flaws. The second half is pretty good, fairly easy to balance and generally good sound. The first half is a different story. For the first 20 mins or so there is a really poor signal from one channel – it gradually improves during the first half. Boosting the volume does give some musical content along with a lot of hiss and static. I tamed the hiss a little bit and also a persistent rumble from the tape machine – I also ran it through click repair to get rid of static. The end result is not that great but hopefully better than the original. I have uploaded it both as a stereo version and the first half as a mono version from the good channel.

Havergal Brian > THE CENCI > 12 December 1997 [first concert performance] . > Queen Elizabeth Hall, London > sponsored by the Havergal Brian Society > > Helen Field (sop) Beatrice Cenci > David Wilson-Johnson (bar) Count Cenci > Inga Jonsdottir (alto) Lucretia > Stuart Kale (ten) Cardinal Camillo/An officer > Justin Lavender (ten) Orsino/Bernardo > Jeffrey Carl (bar) Giacomo/Savella/1st judge/2nd judge > Nicholas Buxton (ten) Marzio/3rd guest/A cardinal > Devon Harrison (bass) Olimpio/Colonna/A guest > Serena Kay (sop) 1st guest/2nd guest > > The Millennium Sinfonia, conductor James Kelleher > > Overture [262 bars] (13:45) > Scene 1 [Shelley: Act 1, scene 1]: An apartment in the Cenci palace, Rome [180 bars] (8:40) > Scene 2 [Shelley: Act 1, scene 2]: A garden of the Cenci palace, Rome [142 bars] (7:40) > Scene 3 [Shelley: Act 1, scene 3]: A magnificent hall in the Cenci palace, Rome: A banquet [218 bars] (10:20) > Scene 4 [Shelley: Act 4, scene 1]: An apartment in the Castle of Petrella (among the Apulian Appenines) [263 bars] (13:00) > Scene 5 [Shelley: Act 4, scenes 2-4]: Before the Castle of Petrella [303 bars] (15:45) > Scene 6 [Shelley: Act 5, scene 1]: An apartment in Orsino's palace, Rome [110 bars] (6:10) > Scene 7 [Shelley: Act 5, scene 2]: The Hall of Justice, Rome [173 bars] (9:45) > Scene 8 [Shelley: Act 5, scene 4]: A hall of the prison [286 bars] (14:50) > Total [1937 bars] (99:55) Timings from complete performance 12 December 1997 > > VHS audio tape converted to mp3 at 320 kbps. Some track marks which are not intended to coincide with scenes in the opera. Two CD sized folders with part 1 and part 2. >


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