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CD84014 highlights Lombardi, Davos 1991, Rodoglia and Bardini

CD84014 highlights Lombardi, Davos 1991, Rodoglia and Bardini
CD84014 highlights Lombardi, Davos 1991, Rodoglia and Bardini
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CD84014 highlights Lombardi, Davos 1991, Rodoglia and Bardini

I discovered this unusual promotional CD set in a second hand store. The fat booklet explains that it was Hotel Seehof in Davos that financed this recording, along with lots of corporate and private sponsors, also mentioned in the booklet. I doubt that it was ever distributed for sale.

Not until I started listening did I discover that this is not a complete recording. This is a concert of selections, featuring the local chorus Singkreis Davos (100+ members). Each number is introduced by a talk in German (that upon occasion slips into rhymed poetry). There is long applause after each number. As if this did not make for enough discontinuity, there are two tenors to sing Oronte, with the famous one (Bardini) active only in act 3. Oronte's most famous aria "La mia letizia infondere" is not here performed, nor is Giselda's fourth-act aria "Non fu sogno."

There is really only 60 minutes of music here; the applause and talk takes another 20. Each original CD has just over 40 minutes. So I offer two versions, one with music only and one with everything.

Musical numbers

CD 1 Act 1 01 Preludio ed introduzione "Oh nobile esempio" coro 02 Andante "T'assale, t'assale un tremito" coro e solisti 03 Coro di claustral "A te nell'ora infausta" 04 Preghiera di Giselda "Salve Maria) Act 2 05 Cabaletta di Oronte "Come poteva un angelo" 06 L'Eremita "E ancor silenzio" 07 Inno dei Crociati "Stolta Allha" 08 Andantino "O made del cielo"

CD 2 Act 3 01 Coro della Processione "Gerusalem, Gerusalem" 02 Duetto "Oh belle, a questa misera" 03 Preludio Violin solo 04 Terzetto "Qual volutta trascorrere" Act 4 05 Visone "Conponi, o cara" 06 Coro di Crociati "O Signore dal Tetto natio" 07 Finale "Te lodiamo" + Encore!

Arvino - Erwin Stephan Oronte - Erwin Stephan Oronte (act 3 only) - Gaetano Bardini Pagano - Armin Caduff Pirro - Gerhard Werwinski Viclinda - Beatrice Ammann Giselda - Rossella Redoglia Sofia - Rossella Redoglia

Organ - Martin Gähwiler Violin solo - Gottfried Ackermann Speaker - Rainer Zur Linde

Singkreis Davos Chorus master - Klaus Bergamin Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie Conductor - Christoph Reimann

Davos, Swizerland (January?) 1991


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