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CD83295 oh de' verd'anni miei compilation

CD83295 oh de' verd'anni miei compilation
CD83295 oh de' verd'anni miei compilation
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CD83295 oh de' verd'anni miei compilation

Since "Oh de' verd'anni miei" from Ernani is among my favorite baritone arias I've decided to compile chronologically most of the versions I have in my collection. Most include the recitative "Gran Dio!" and I've included it when available. Since there's such a wide variation in source materials the quality and volume are uneven.

1. Giuseppe Kaschmann 1903 2. Mattia Battistini 1906 3. Giuseppe de Luca 1907 4. Giuseppe de Luca 1917 5. Riccardo Stracciari 1917 6. Titta Ruffo 1921 7. Giuseppe Danise 1921 8. Benvenuto Franci 1928 9. Carlo Tagliabue 1946 10. Giuseppe Taddei 1950 (From the complete studio recording with Gino Penno and Caterina Mancini) 11. Leonard Warren 1956 (From the live Met broadcast) 12. Igor Gorin 1956 (From the Bell Telephone Hour broadcast) 13. Giuseppe Taddei 1957 (Live in Milan. No further information available) 14. Ettore Bastianini 1957 (Live performance, Florence) 15. Mario Sereni 1958 (Live broadcast, RAI Rome) 16. Sesto Bruscantini 1959 (Live broadcast, Martini & Rossi concert RAI Turin) 17. Ettore Bastianini 1960 (Live performance, Naples) 18. Nicolae Herlea c.1960 (From a recording of arias, date unknown - 1960 is a rough guess) 19. Giuseppe Valdengo 1964 20. Piero Cappuccilli 1966 (Live, Milan. No further information) 21. Mario Sereni 1967 (From the complete studio recording with Leontyne Price and Carlo Bergonzi) 22. Giuseppe Taddei 1968 (Live performance in Bilbao with Gianfranco Cecchele and Leyla Gencer) 23. Peter Glossop 1969 (Live performance RAI Milan with Bruno Prevedi and Montserrat Caballe) 24. Piero Cappuccilli 1972 (Live, Catania with Carlo Bergonzi, Leyla Gencer) 25. Cornell MacNeil 1975 (Live, Tucker gala) 26. Matteo Manuguerra 1981 (Live, Dallas with Carlo Bini, Ghena Dimitrova in her U. S. debut) 27. Piero Cappuccilli 1984 (Live, Chicago with Lando Bartolini, Grace Bumbry) 28. Renato Bruson 1988 (Live, Moscow) 29. Rolando Panerai c. 1990 (Studio recording, educated guess as to year) 30. Paolo Coni 1991 (Live, Bratislava with Vincenzo la Scola and Daniela Dessi) 31. Renato Bruson 1996 (Live, details unknown) 32. Dimitri Hvorostovsky 2000 (Live, Lincoln Center) 33. Luis Gaeta 2001 (Live, Buenos Aires) 34 Thomas Hampson 2008 (Met broadcast) 35 Boaz Daniel 2009 (Chicago with Salvatore Licitra, Sondra Radvanovsky)


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