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CD8148 Oboussier Antigone (Cavelti c Ansermet)

CD8148 Oboussier Antigone (Cavelti c Ansermet)
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CD8148 Oboussier Antigone (Cavelti c Ansermet)

Here is a RARE one for you..

Oboussier: ANTIGONE Elegy after Sophocles for Alto Voice and Orchestra L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande Ernest Ansermet, Conductor Elsa Cavelti, Contralto

Why this isn't being performed is beyond my understanding.. It has been all but forgotten...

The text of the opening Recitative is taken from the first scene of the second act of Sophocles' drama. Antigone denounces Creon, the King of Thebes, for his defiance of divine law in denying burial to her brother, whom he has condemned to death. The third movement, Elegy, is a setting of Antigone's words after she has herself been condemned to death for affording her brother burial rights.

About the Soloist: Elsa Cavelti, Contralto Born: May 4, 1907 – Rorschach, Switzerland Died: August 10, 2001 – Basle, Switzerland

The Swiss mezzo-soprano Elsa Cavelti was the daughter of Johann Mathias, editor of newspapers. She studied piano and singing in Zürich, Frankfurt-sur-le-Main and Vienna. She made her debut at the City Theatre of Katowice (Poland) in 1936. She sang in Frankfurt-sur-le-Main, with the State Theatre of Beuthen (Silesia, near Bytom, Poland), in Düsseldorf and at the National Opera of Dresden before joining the City Theatre of Zürich as dramatic alto. Extended tours of concerts and operas led her to the principal European and American stages. She sang many times at the premieres of swiss composers(Paul Huber, Othmar Schoek, Frank Martin, Willy Burkhard, Rudolf Kelterborn, etc). In 1959 she undertook new studies which enabled her to sing also as dramatic soprano. In 1964, the Academy of State of Frankfurt-sur-le-Main proposed her for a post as Professor. Since then she taught in Basle, where she lived until her passing.

About the Composer: The Swiss composer Robert Oboussier was born at Antwerp in 1900. His early years were spent in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and France. After finishing his schooling in Heidelberg, he began to study music there, later moving to the Zurich Conservatorium and finally to Berlink whre he became a pupil of Busoni's disciple Philipp Jarnach. For the greater part of the inter-war years he acted as a music critic for newspapers in France and, subsequently, Germany. He first attracted attention as a composer when Hindemith and the Aar quartet played his First Quartet at Donaueschingen in 1923. Since then he has written works in almost every form. Antigone was begun in Berlin in the winter of 1938, and completed in Montreux the following spring. Died in 1957 (stabbed to death)

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