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CD7468 Massenet Manon 1938

CD7468 Massenet Manon 1938
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CD7468 Massenet Manon 1938

> I recorded this from BBC Radio 3 in FM stereo in 1993 on > audiocassette, hence the slight turnover gap during a chorus. Apart > from the 1993 announcer, it was a repeat of a 1979 broadcast with > comments from Alan Blyth, and this included commentary from the > original 1939 announcer. The programme was 88 minutes, but I don't > know if it included all the extant material, probably not. I have > added a Microsoft Word file with information from "More EJS: > Discography of the Edward J. Smith Recordings" by Shaman, Collins and > Goodwin (Greenwood Press). Eddie Smith published some extracts on > UORC 208, and then later in 1974 more comprehensive extracts on ANNA

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