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CD1956800 Prokofiev - T he fiery Angel (Огнен ный ангел), Rome, 23 .05.2019, Alejo Pérez

CD1956800 Prokofiev - T he fiery Angel (Огнен ный ангел), Rome, 23 .05.2019, Alejo Pérez
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CD1956800 Prokofiev - T he fiery Angel (Огнен ный ангел), Rome, 23 .05.2019, Alejo Pérez

Giovedì 23 maggio 2019 ore 20.00 In diretta dal Teatro dell'Opera di Roma Stagione Lirica 2018-2019

L’ANGELO DI FUOCO Opera in cinque atti e sette quadri di Sergej Prokof’ev (da un romanzo di Valerij Brjusov)

Ruprecht, Leigh Melrose La padrona della locanda, Anna Victorova Renata, Ewa Vesin L’indovina, Mairam Sokolova Jakob Glock, Domingo Pellicola Agrippa von Nettelsheim, Sergey Radchenko Mathias Wissmann, Petr Sokolov Un medico, Murat Can Guvem Mefistofele, Maxim Paster Johann Faust, Andrii Ganchuk L’oste, Timofei Baranov La madre superiora, Mairam Sokolova L’Inquisitore, Goran Jurić Un garzone, Andrii Ganchuk Prima giovane monaca, Arianna Morelli Seconda giovane monaca, Emanuela Luchetti

Orchestra e Coro del Teatro dell’Opera di Roma direttore, Alejo Pérez

regia, Emma Dante maestro del Coro, Roberto Gabbiani scene, Carmine Maringola costumi, Vanessa Sannino ---------------- Season 2018/2019 The Fiery Angel Music by Sergej Prokof’ev

Opera in five acts e seven scenes Libretto by the composer after a novel by Valerij Brjusov First performed as a concert at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Paris on 25 November 1954 Length: 2h 40' approximately - 58' Part I - 30' intermission - 71' Part II


RUPRECHT Leigh Melrose THE INN OWNER Anna Victorova RENATA Ewa Vesin / Elena Popovskaya 1 June THE FORTUNE TELLER Mairam Sokolova JAKOB GLOCK Domingo Pellicola * AGRIPPA VON NETTELSHEIM Sergey Radchenko MATHIAS WISSMANN Petr Sokolov THE DOCTOR Murat Can Guvem * MEPHISTOPHELES Maxim Paster JOHANN FAUST Andrii Ganchuk * THE INN KEEPER Timofei Baranov * MOTHER SUPERIOR Mairam Sokolova THE INQUISITOR Goran Jurić I YOUNG NUN Arianna Morelli / Carolina Varela 30 May, 1 June II YOUNG NUN Emanuela Luchetti / Silvia Pasini 30 May, 1 June


CHORUS MASTER Roberto Gabbiani SET DESIGNER Carmine Maringola COSTUME DESIGNER Vanessa Sannino CHOREOGRAPHIC MOVEMENTS Manuela Lo Sicco LIGHTING DESIGNER Cristian Zucaro MASTER AT ARMS Sandro Maria Campagna

*after the project “Fabbrica” Young Artist Program of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma

Teatro dell’Opera di Roma Orchestra and Chorus New production sung in original language [with italian and english surtitles]


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