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CD1956400 Nino Rota - IL CAPPELLO DI PAGLIA DI FIRENZE, Teatro di San Carlo, Napoli, 13 May 2018

CD1956400 Nino Rota - IL CAPPELLO DI PAGLIA DI FIRENZE, Teatro di San Carlo, Napoli, 13 May 2018
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CD1956400 Nino Rota - IL CAPPELLO DI PAGLIA DI FIRENZE, Teatro di San Carlo, Napoli, 13 May 2018

Opera Matinee: Nino Rota's The Italian Straw Hat Afternoon Concert, Radio BBC3, May16, 2019

This afternoon sees 'Godfather' composer Nino Rota in lighter vein with a delightful comic opera recorded last year at the Teatro di San Carlo in Naples. Rota composed this opera, one of ten, in 1945 but it was not produced until ten years later - it's gone on in Italy to be one of best-loved of 20th century operas

Set in a madcap Paris, Il Cappello di Paglia di Firenze (usually translated as "The Italian Straw Hat") has been described as an extended chase sequence: groom-to-be Fadinard chases around Paris on the day of his wedding day desperately searching for a replacement straw hat after his horse has eaten his. This being an Italian opera buffa, the plot becomes ever more absurd as misunderstandings and mishaps inevitably accrue.

Presented by Penny Gore

2.00pm Rota : Il Cappello di Paglia di Firenze

Fadinard, a bridegroom ..... Piero Adaini, tenor Elena, Fadinard's bride ...... Zuzana Marková, soprano Nonancourt, Elena's father ..... Gianluca Buratto, bass La Baronessa di Champigny ..... Anna Malavasi, mezzo Beaupertuis ..... Bruno de Simone, baritone Anaide, Beaupertuis' wife ..... Anna Maria Sarra, soprano Emilio, Anaide's lover ..... Dario Giorgelè, baritone Vézinet, Elena's uncle ..... Marco Miglietta, tenor Teatro San Carlo Chorus & Orchestra Valerio Galli, conductor at Teatro di San Carlo is on date IL CAPPELLO DI PAGLIA DI FIRENZE from 10 May 2018 to 13 May 2018

Nino Rota / IL CAPPELLO DI PAGLIA DI FIRENZE Musical farse in four acts and six scenes Libretto by Nino Rota and Ernesta Rinaldi from the comedy by Eugene Labiche and Marc Michel Le Châpeau de paille d’Italie. First performance: Palermo, Teatro Massimo, 21 April 1955

Conductor | Valerio Galli

Stage Director | Elena Barbalich Scenes and Costumes Designer| Tommaso Lagattolla Light design | Marco Giusti Assistant Director and Choreographies | Danilo Rubeca Assistant to the Costume Design | Concetta Nappi


Fadinard, Pietro Adaini /Filippo Adami (11, 12 May h 21) Nonancourt, Gianluca Buratto/Domenico Colaianni (12 May h 21) La baronessa di Champigny, Anna Malavasi/Eufemia Tufano (11, 12 May h 21) Elena, Zuzana Marková Beaupertuis, Bruno de Simone/Matteo D’Apolito (11, 12 May h 21) Anaide, Anna Maria Sarra/Fulvia Mastrobuono (12 May h 21) Emilio, Dario Giorgelè Lo zio Vézinet, Marco Miglietta Una modista, Daniela Mazzucato Felice, Roberto Covatta Achille di Rosalba, Massimiliano Chiarolla

Production of Fondazione lirico sinfonica Petruzzelli and Teatri di Bari Orchestra and Chorus of Teatro di San Carlo

Nino Rota composed this opera in 1945 but it was put on scene only ten years later. Set in the magic atmosphere of Paris, Il Cappello di Paglia di Firenze (The Straw Hat of Florence) is based on a paradoxical and colossal misunderstanding. Rota’s masterpiece is a condensate of lightness and music genius; a score where the author has fun by citing (even himself!) as he was used to do also in his soundtracks celebrated by Fellini’s movies.

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