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CD1661100 MESSIAH Part 1 selections

CD1661100 MESSIAH Part 1 selections
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CD1661100 MESSIAH Part 1 selections

--------------------Volume 1-----------------------------------

-----#1. Sinfonia

1) Malcolm Sargent 8.X.1930 London

2) Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt 6.XII.1953 Köln

3) Helmut Koch 1975 Berlin

4) George Malcolm c1985 Edinburgh?

5) Trevor Pinnock I.1988 London

-----#2. Comfort ye, my people

-----#3. Ev'ry valley shall be exalted

6-7) John Harrison 1906 London

8-9) Evan Williams 27.IX.1910 Camden

10) Webster Booth/Warwick Braithwaite 28.II.1939 London

11-12) Aksel Schiøtz/Mogens Wöldike 26.III.1940 Copenhagen

13) Heddle Nash/Maurice Miles 10.VIII.1945 London

14-16) (#1-3) Wilfred Brown/Walter Susskind 1958 London

17) (in German) Fritz Wunderlich/Hans Mende 21.III.1959 Stuttgart

18-19) Jon Vickers/Thomas Beecham VI.1959 London

20) Kenneth McKellar/Adrian Boult V.1961 London

21) (#3) Anthony Rolfe Johnson, Anthony Froggatt, organ

/Barry Rose VI.1973 Guildford

-----#4. And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed

22) B.B.C. Choral Society, Berkeley Mason, organ

/Leslie Woodgate 1935 London

23) (#1-4) James Johnston, Huddersfield Choral Society,

Liverpool PO/Malcolm Sargent VII,IX.1946 Huddersfield

24) (#1-4) (in German) Ernst Haefliger, Münchener Bach Choir and O

/Karl Richter VI.1964 München

-----#5. Thus saith the Lord of hosts

-----#6. But who may abide the day of His coming

25-26) James Milligan/Malcolm Sargent 1959 Huddersfield?

27) John Shirley-Quirk/Malcolm Sargent 1964 London

28) (#6) Huguette Tourangeau/Richard Bonynge II.1969 London

29-30) Roderick Kennedy, Marjana Lipovsek

/Nikolaus Harnoncourt XI.1982 Stockholm

--------------------Volume 2-----------------------------------

-----#7. And He shall purify the sons of Levi

1) (#4-7) Gwynne Howell, Academy and Chorus of St. Martin-in-the-Fields

/Neville Marriner I.1976 London

2-3) (#1-7) Paul Elliott, David Thomas, Emma Kirkby,

Academy of Ancient Music/Christopher Hogwood IX.1979 London

-----#8. Behold, a virgin shall conceive (omitted in tracks 4-6, 8,14)

-----#9. O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion

4) Louise Homer/Josef Pasternack 17.III.1919 Camden

5) Kathleen Ferrier/Adrian Boult X.1952 London

6) Alfred Deller/George Weldon 31.I.1953 London

7) (#4-9) Richard Standen, Constance Shacklock, LPO and Choir

/Hermann Scherchen IX.1953 London

8) Maureen Forrester/Antonio Janigro VI.1964 Wien

9-13) (#5-9) Raimund Herincx, Paul Esswood (#6),

Janet Baker, Ambrosian Singers, ECO

/Charles Mackerras 1966 London

14) Marilyn Horne/Henry Lewis X.1967 Wien

-----#10. For behold, darkness shall cover the earth

-----#11. The people that walked in darkness

15) Donald Gramm/Thompson Stone 1955 Boston

16) Heinz Rehfuss/Walter Goehr c1958 London

17) Jerome Hines/Otto Klemperer II.1964 London

18) Tom Krause/Richard Bonynge II.1969 London

-----#12. For unto us a child is born

19-21) (#1-12) Hubert Eisdell, Harold Williams, Muriel Brunskill,

BBC Choir and SO/Thomas Beecham VI-VII.1927 London

22) (#5-12) John Shirley-Quirk, Helen Watts,

LSO and Chorus/Colin Davis VI.1966 London

--------------------Volume 3-----------------------------------

-----13. Pifa

1) Thomas Beecham 2.VII.1927 London

2) Malcolm Sargent 8.X.1930 London

3) Leonard Bernstein XII.1956 New York

4) Leopold Stokowski IX.1966 London

-----14a. There were shepherds abiding in the field

-----14b. And lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them

-----15. And the angel said unto them

-----16. And suddenly there was with the angel

-----17. Glory to God in the highest

5) (#12-17) Elsie Suddaby, RPO and Chorus

/Thomas Beecham 1947 London

6-11) (#12-17) Eileen Farrell, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Philadelphia O

/Eugene Ormandy 1958-59 Philadelphia

12-15) (#12-17; in German) Edith Mathis, ORF Chorus and SO

/Charles Mackerras II.1974 Wien

-----18. Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion

16) Lilian Stiles-Allen c1922 London

17) Elsie Suddaby/John Barbirolli 13.V.1929 London

18) Isobel Baillie/Malcolm Sargent 21.III.1943 Liverpool

19) (#14-18) Lois Marshall, Toronto Mendelsohn Choir, Toronto SO

/Ernest Macmillan 1954 Toronto

20) Elisabeth Schwarzkopf/Otto Klemperer II.1964 London

21) (#10-18) (in German) Franz Crass, Gundula Janowitz,

Münchener Bach Choir and O/Karl Richter VI.1964 München

22) Joan Sutherland/Richard Bonynge II.1969 London

23) (in German) Peter Schreier/Charles Mackerras II.1974 Wien

24) (#14-18) Elly Ameling, Academy & Chorus

of St. Martin-in-the-Fields/Neville Marriner I.1976 London

25) Margaret Marshall/John Eliot Gardiner XI.1982 London

26) Edita Gruberova/Gustav Sjökvist XII.1994 Stockholm

-----19. Then shall the eyes of the blind (omitted except where noted)

-----20. He shall feed His flock (*alto section only)

27) (Come unto Him) Emma Juch 7.V.1904 New York

28) *Elizabeth Dews 24.VII.1906 London

29) *Louise Kirkby-Lunn 2.XI.1910 London

30) (Come unto Him) Johanna Gadski/Rosario Bourdon 25.V.1916 Camden

31) *Louise Homer/Josef Pasternack 17.III.1919 Camden

32) (#19-20) *Margarete Matzenauer/Rosario Bourdon 1.XII.1925 Camden

33-34) (#19-20) Muriel Brunskill, Dora Labbette

/Thomas Beecham VI-VII.1927 London

35) *Marian Anderson/Robert Shaw 24.IX.1941 New York

36) *Gladys Ripley/Maurice Miles 17.I.1945 London

37) (Come unto HIm) Isobel Baillie/Reginald Jacques I.1946 London

--------------------Volume 4-----------------------------------

1-2) (#19-20) Helen Watts, April Cantelo/Walter Susskind 1958 London

3) (#19-20) Grace Hoffman, Mattiwilda Dobbs/Walter Goehr c1958 London

4) (#19-20) Pierrette Alarie/Hermann Scherchen IV.1959 Wien

5-6) (#19-20) Marjorie Thomas, Elsie Morrison

/Malcolm Sargent 1959 Huddersfield?

7-8) (#18-20) Joan Sutherland, Grace Bumbry

/Adrian Boult V.1961 London

9) (#18-21) Heather Harper, Helen Watts, LSO and Chorus

/Colin Davis VI.1966 London

10) (#19-21) Janet Baker, Elizabeth Harwood,

Ambrosian Singers, ECO/Charles Mackerras 1966 London

11) (#19-21) Alfreda Hodgson, Felicity Lott, LPO & Choir

/John Alldis 1979 London

-----21. His yoke is easy

12) (#13-21) Jennifer Vyvyan, Norma Procter,

LPO and Choir/Adrian Boult I.1954 London

13) (#10-21) Justino Diaz, Margaret Price, Yvonne Minton,

Amor Artis Chorale, ECO/Johannes Somary VI.1970 London

14) #10-21) Donald McIntyre, Helen Donath, Anna Reynolds,

John Alldis Choir, LPO/Karl Richter XI.1972 London

15) (#13-21) Arleen Auger, Anne Sofie von Otter,

The English Concert & Choir/Trevor Pinnock I.1988 London

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