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CD-ROM Opera From Bulgaria

CD-ROM Opera From Bulgaria
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For more than two years, Mike Richter and Frank Fischer have been working to develop this comprehensive overview of Opera from Bulgaia. Thanks to The Values Foundation, Bulgarian National Radio and many other institutions and individuals, they have been able to cover far more than any previous disc. In addition to performances of many individual artists, it includes complete operas both from the standard repertoire and from Bulgarian composers; histories of the development of Bulgarian opera and of Bulgarian National Radio and Balkanton recordings; and information on the Boris Christoff International Competition and on Bulgarian composers and opera houses. Many of the artists heard on the disc will be familiar, from sopranos such as Ghena Dimitrova, Stefka Evstatieva, Raina Kabaivanska, Anna Tomowa-Sintow, and Ljuba Welitsch; through basses including Rafael Arie, Nicolai Ghiaurov and Nicola Ghiuselev. Comparably fine voices will be heard from artists whose careers were largely confined to Bulgaria and who are therefore little known in the world at large. In addition to Un ballo in maschera and Lohengrin recordings, the disc offers three Bulgarian national operas almost certain to be new to you.

Gergana Georgi Atanassov Tinka Skolufanova, Stanka Nikolova , Sofia Bozjilova

Lud Gidiya Hadjiev Nadia Sharkova, Dimiter Tzolov, Dimiter Kozhouharov, Jordanka Dimcheva

Siromachkinya Manolov Sonia Marinova, Ivan Bechev, Nikolai Bikov

Un ballo in maschera Verdi Liliana Anastasova, Todor Kostov, Michail Zidarov, Stanka Nikolova

Lohengrin Wagner Liubomir Bodurov, Julia Wiener, Nadia Afejan, Stoyan Popov

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