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CD-ROM Richard Strauss; Complete Operas CD-ROM!!!

CD-ROM Richard Strauss; Complete Operas CD-ROM!!!
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The Operas of Strauss

The Bayerische Operhaus is intimately associated with the operas of Richard Strauss, yet there is little documentation of that heritage. With this addition to the Audio Encyclopedia, we are proud to provide a complete collection - with one notable exception. The performance here of Capriccio from Salzburg is indispensable; no Munich performance of comparable quality could be found.

All of the following - twenty essentially complete operas and three partial recordings - are contained on a single CD-ROM. Die Ägyptische Helena 1987 Sawallisch G. Jones, Reppel; Nimsgern Arabella 1985 Sawallisch Popp; Brendel Ariadne auf Naxos 1984 Sawallisch Plowright, Schmidt, Gruberova; King Ariadne auf Naxos (Prologue) 1998 Stein Voigt, Murray, Schäfer; Moser Capriccio [Salzburg] 1987 Stein Popp; Schöne, Büchner, Grundheber Daphne 1977 Sawallisch Sukis; Schreier, Lindroos Elektra 1984 Mund Bjoner, Hass, Varnay Elektra 1989 Leitner Behrens, Hass, Ludwig Elektra 1994 Runnicles Martin, Hass, Rysanek Feuersnot 1988 Kuhn Hass; Raffeiner, Hopf Die Frau ohne Schatten 1984 Sawallisch Hass, Trekel-Burckhardt, Bjoner; King, Adam Die Frau ohne Schatten 1988 Sawallisch Studer, Dernesch, Bjoner; Schunk, Muff Friedenstag 1988 Sawallisch Hass; Weikl, Ryhänen, Güra Guntram 1988 Kuhn Hass; König, Rootering, Moll Intermezzo 1990 Kuhn Lott, Jungwirth; Prey, Dallapozza Die Liebe der Danae 1990 Sawallisch Hass; Bröcheler, Frey, Ahnsjö Der Rosenkavalier 1973 Kleiber Watson, Fassbaender, Popp; Ridderbusch Der Rosenkavalier 1984 Kleiber Beckmann, Fassbaender, Bonney; Sotin Der Rosenkavalier (incomplete) 1985 Kout Popp, Fassbaender, Donath; Jungwirth Der Rosenkavalier (incomplete) 1994 Schneider -, Ziegler, Bonney; Rydl Salome 1987 Tate Behrens, Fassbaender; Wlaschiha Die schweigsame Frau 1977 Sawallisch Mödl, Grist; Böhme, Grobe Die schweigsame Frau 1988 Sawallisch Bence, Kaufmann; Moll, Araiza

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